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Clara Grunefeld

COVID-19 Closure Update (30/03/2020)


Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation the Na Píobairí Uilleann headquarters building at 15 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1 will be closed until Tuesday 14th April.

You can continue to contact NPU by email at info@pipers.ie or by phone at +353 1 8730093 during working hours 9am to 5 pm (IST) Monday to Friday and you can leave a voice message if you cannot get in touch with us immediately. If you wish to contact individual members of staff directly you can do so by email.

Orders for products from our online shop can be placed with us at  www.pipers.ie/store however, unfortunately we will not be in a position to process or ship them until after 14th April (this date is preliminary and will be reviewed according to Government guidelines).

We will continue to keep visitors and members updated via email, website, and on social media platforms.

We are cancelling all classes occurring up to 14th April and postponing April events until further notice.

We wish you and your families the very best and hope that you stay well during these challenging times.

Anne-Marie Bell

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


We wish all of our visitors and members a Happy St.Patrick’s Day! 

For all of you at home, whether that’s in Ireland or elsewhere, we’d like to share a few archival items with you to mark the day: 

Since there’s no parade this year, here’s something to lift the spirits – an image taken at a St.Patrick’s Day parade in the late 1940s / early 1950s.
Photographed is Pat & Jim Brophy (Pipes), Tom Brophy (Accordion), Jim Seery (Fiddle), Betty Nevin (Dancer) outside the GPO, Dublin.
Thanks to Brendan Collins for sharing this photo with us!



If you’re stuck at home this St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a Notes & Narratives with Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh from March 2012 that may be of interest. Watch “The Stories, Songs, Music and Dance of St. Patrick” on our online archive 🎶👉https://bit.ly/2U8vXs9

Notes&Narratives is a monthly lecture/performance series which is streamed live on NPUTV & later added to www.pipers.ie/source


Anne-Marie Bell

Important Notice: Cancellation of Classes and Events Postponed Until 29th March


In light of recent Government measures announced on Thursday 12th March, Na Píobairí Uilleann are cancelling all classes occurring up to 29th March and postponing March events until further notice.
Our premises at 15 Henrietta Street and Pipecraft (Clonshaugh) will close to the public from Friday 13th March. 


We are still contactable via email (info@pipers.ie) and phone (01 873 0093).



Clara Grunefeld

Open call for applications to host an uilleann piper for International Uilleann Piping Day 2020


International Uilleann Piping Day takes place on Saturday, 7th November 2020.

 – Spanish and Italian Version Below –

This year Na Píobairí Uilleann is offering all IUPD organisers outside Ireland the opportunity to apply to host a piper at their event in 2020. The event must serve to raise initial awareness of the uilleann pipes or to build on the learning of existing uilleann pipers/teachers/reed makersOur commitment to providing a piper will of course be on the condition that NPU receive funding from Culture Ireland and the number of events we can support in this Open Call will be dependent on the level of funding received.

Full details and application form are available here.

The deadline for the application is 30th April 2020.

For any questions, contact us at info@pipers.ie.

En los años pasados, NPU con el apoyo de Culture Ireland, ha permitido que gaiteros irlandeses viajarán a diferentes destinos por el mundo, en nombre de IUPD. El objetivo de este proyecto ha sido lo de aportar un tutor o artista (fabricante de lengüetas/gaetero irlandés) a los eventos organizados por las comunidades locales de gaeteros, fortaleciendo las relaciones entre estas comunidades y Na Piobairi Uilleann.
Este año na piobairi uilleann ofrece a todos los organizadores en el extranjero la oportunidad de solicitar un huésped gaetero a sus eventos del 2020. La finalidad es la de promocionar los gaeteros irlandeses entre el público e incrementar el conocimiento de gaeteros/maestros/fabricantes de lengüetas ya existentes. La realización de tal proyecto, así como el número de eventos que se podrán respaldar en esta convocatoria, dependerá de los fondos que NPU recibirá por parte de culture Ireland. NPU se encargará de cubrir solamente los costes de viaje y contribuirá a los gastos de alojamiento.
Por favor tener en consideración que NPU no se hará cargo de los honorarios de los artistas,los cuales deberán ser concordados entre los organizadores y los artistas mismos. 
Negli ultimi anni Na Píobairí Uilleann con il supporto dell’associazione Culture Ireland e’ riuscita a mandare suonatori di cornamuse (pipers) in giro per il mondo in occasione della Giornata Internazionale della Cornamusa Irlandese. L’intenzione e’ sempre stata quella di supportare le comunita’ locali di musicisti tramite la presenza di un insegnante o un piper esperto (un musicista e/o un costruttore di ancie ad esempio) che potesse arricchire l’evento organizzato. E’ stata inoltre un’occasione per rinforzare il legame tra Na Píobairí Uilleann e i vari gruppi locali.
Anche quest’anno NPU vuole offrire a tutti gli organizzatori di eventi al di fuori dell’Irlanda la possibilita’ di fare domanda per ottenere la presenza di un piper al proprio evento nel 2020. Tale evento avra’ lo scopo di presentare la cornamusa irlandese a chi non l’avesse mai vista ed approfondirne la conoscenza per chi gia’ suonasse/ fosse un costruttore d’ancie /o un insegnante di uilleann pipes.
Per questa Open Call NPU si impegna a fornire quanti piu’ pipers possibile a condizione che ci sia la conferma dell’assegnazione (annuale) dei fondi offerti dall’associazione “Culture Ireland” che potranno inoltre variare di anno in anno.
Npu coprira’ solo i costi di viaggio ed alloggio mentre i costi riguardanti la remunerazione per l’ingaggio del piper dovranno essere accordati tra gli organizzatori e il musicista stesso.