To support individual artists and the wider arts sector in Ireland, we will keep our site visitors and members updated on funding opportunities that may be of interest.

Below is a list of current funding opportunities available to traditional artists:

  1. Music Capital Scheme by Music Network (opens later in 2021, no dates announced yet)
  2. Culture Ireland (staggered deadlines depending on project)
  3. Begin Together Arts Fund through DCCI (deadline 23rd June 5pm) 
  4. Music bursary award by Arts Council (deadline 24th June 5.30pm)
  5. Traditional Arts Bursary Award by Arts Council (deadline 24th June 5.30pm)
  6. Future Makers Awards & Supports 2021 by DCCI (deadline 27th July) – for registered DCCI members

Note: As these are non-NPU funding opportunities, please see the relevant website for the latest information and eligibility requirements. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information or the content of the links.