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Geoff Wooff full set for sale. Currently playing as a 3/4 set with an additional A drone (this A drone has a switch at the end to turn it on and off). There is also a removable bass regulator, as well as an additional regulator which plays the note E. Both of these regulators detach using the sliding mechanism that Geoff employs. There are 5 keys on the chanter plus a stop key.  This is Geoff's 62nd set, completed in 1986. The set wants to play between B and C when all tuned up. I'm asking $15K USD for it. Please contact Mike at mmullins@tionol.org.  
$15,000 02/01/2020
  • This Full D set in ebony & brass was made by Richard Patkos in 2018 and are playing perfectly. I have another B set arriving from Richard very soon and also another set from another maker later this year which is why I am selling these.
  • This set costs €8,910 new and Richard has a 3 year waiting list currently. I am willing to sell them for a little less than that and you can skip the 3 year waiting list.
  • Contact Eamonn Croke on 087 212 8925, based in Galway.
  • Old cast iron treadle lathe to be given away for free.
  • This belonged to Matt Kiernan who said he used it mainly for polishing items which had key mounts and therefore required forward and backward motion. It is a screw cutting lathe and has some accessories but the leather belt is missing.
  • To collect it would require 2 to 3 persons to lift it and a van or trailer. A motor could be attached but it is probably not accurate enough for any precision work.It is nearly 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. It is in Dublin 7.
  • If  interested, contact Eamonn Lane at eamonnlane1@eircom.net or on +353 1 479061.
  • The set is almost 10 years old and is playing perfectly.
  • The chanter has two keys, a C natural and an F natural.
  • Brass, ebony and imitation ivory.
  • The set is located in Dublin.
  • Price: €4500
  • Please contact Padraic at 086-1061676
€4,500.00 28/01/2020
  • phone 087 3687280
€4,000 o.n.o. 28/01/2020