How do I do a Quick Search ?

Source allows both quick and Advanced Search options. To make a quick search simply type in the word or words in the SEARCH box at the top right of the web page and click on the “go” button. The search engine looks for a match for the word or words entered. The search in not case sensitive so words can be entered in either capitals or lower case or mixed.
Each media object in the Source database contains a Title and a Description in addition to a host of other metadata fields. A quick search only looks in the Title and Description in order to return results. To search on other fields you need to use the Advanced Search.

How does Advanced Search work ?

Advanced Search allows search on any metadata fields or on a combination of fields or within a particular Section or Gallery. However, bear in mind that there are many thousands of objects which are available to search and view but which are not organised into Galleries so sometimes it may be preferable to omit the Section Name or Gallery Name from the search as this will enable the search engine to search all objects.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes “less is more” when it comes to searching. E.g if you are looking for references to the tune “The fowler on the moor”, simply using “fowler” rather than “fowler moor” as the search will achieve better results.
Objects in the Source database are classified by Object Type so, for example, if you only wish to return Video content you can set the search engine to only that content by setting the Object Type drop list to “Video”.

Each Object Type has an associated list of metadata fields which provide additional background information and a more formal descriptive structure to each object. These metadata fields also allow more targeted search. For example, if you wish to return audio content for jigs, set the Object Type to “Audio” and the select “Tune Type” from the Metadata list and then enter “jig” into the search box to the right of the “Tune Type” metadata field.

Metadata and other Advanced Search fields cans also be used in combination. In the above example if you wish to further refine the search to only return audio recordings of Jim Brophy playing jigs, select “Performer” and enter “Brophy” into the search box.

How does Advanced Search work for the On-Line Library ?

In order to search publications in the On-Library for particular references you need to use the Advanced Search metadata fields as described above. Searching in Title or Description will only search for the word or words entered in the Title or Description of the publication and not in the page content.

To search content select “On-line Library” as the Object Type and then select “Issue Content” as the Metadata field and then enter the required search into the search box to the right of the “Issue Content” metadata field. This will enable the search engine to search every page in all publications. To search for references in a particular publication, simply refine the search by selecting “On-Line Library” as the Section and then the required publication in the Gallery list.

What software is required to play the Scorch music notation ?

In order to play the Scorch music notation the Sibelius Scorch player is required. The Scorch player is free and can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac using the link below.
Sibelius Scorch

Is Scorch available for Mac ?

The Sibelius Scorch add-in is not available for Safari, which is the usual internet browser on the Mac. However, if you install Mozilla Firefox for Mac and then install the Scorch add-in using the link below, you will be able to view and play the IMCO notation.

Download Scorch

Will Scorch run on 64 bit Mac ?

To use Sibelius Scorch for Firefox on 64 bit Mac:

  • Firstly, quit your Firefox completely. Ensure that it is not running by checking that the glowing light is not present beneath the Firefox icon on your Dock.
  • Go to your Applications folder.
  • Right click (or Ctrl + Click) on the Firefox icon, and click Get Info…
  • Tick the box that reads Run in 32 bit mode
  • Close the get info dialog, and start Firefox again. You are now running Firefox in 32 bit mode.

Is ABC notation available for music on Source ?

Na Píobairí Uilleann don’t provide ABC notation for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is simply a question of resources. Transcription of tunes is a time consuming process and providing ABC versions doubles the workload. Also, Staff Notation is a universally accepted means of publishing music and we would encourage all members to learn to read music. Using the Sibelius Scorch player is a great way to learn.

However, if any members wish to submit accurate transcriptions of tunes on the site in ABC format, we would be happy to post them.

Why are some items showing as restricted ?

To access digital media objects in Source you must login with your membership or subscription username and password. If, having logged in, the item is still shown as restricted then it is most likely that your subscription level does not allow access to the item and requires upgrade to a higher level subscription or membership.