Arts Council seeks advisory, research and assessment services in Festivals

Arts Council seeks advisory, research and assessment services in Festivals

The Arts Council is seeking the procurement of Festival Advisory, Assessment and Research services to support the delivery of the Arts Council’s Festival Policy and Strategy 2020-2025.

We currently wish to encourage qualification applications from candidates in festivals and event management and we will be running mini-competitions for Advisory, Assessment and Research services through the Arts Council’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which allows for a greater diversity of voices as we work to support and develop the arts in Ireland in 2023.

The Artform Support Service Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been launched on eTenders (RFT  215450 – AC/2022/16).

The DPS is a two stage process. The first stage is the qualification stage and involves applicants qualifying to be members of categories and sub-categories within the DPS: eg. Adviser Services (Category) Festivals (Sub-Category), by demonstrating sufficient skills and experience. Membership will be valid for the life of the DPS (10 years) and new candidates can join at any time during this period. In the second stage, qualified candidates will be invited to apply for opportunities within their categories/sub-categories when they arise.

Applicants may apply to: provide application assessment services, provide policy advice or conduct research projects. Those with a demonstrable background and experience in: festival and event programmes and management, festival and events academic research or arts policy development may wish to apply.

In line with the Arts Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we welcome and encourage applications that are reflective of the diversity of Irish society.

Prospective applicants can discuss the above further by contacting in the first instance Laura Ivers or Head of Festivals and Events

Further information can be found on the Arts Council website