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Liam O’Flynn Award

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Liam O’Flynn Award – Arts Council & National Concert Hall

The Liam O’Flynn Award is a joint initiative of the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and the National Concert Hall/An Ceoláras Náisiúnta as part of their partnership for the promotion, appreciation and enjoyment of traditional arts, which also includes the Tradition Now festival of traditional music.

In memory of the piper Liam O’Flynn, the Liam O’Flynn Award celebrates the role of the individual creative traditional artist in the creation of new works, the inception of unique artistic collaborations and innovations, and in the transmission of traditional arts for future generations to enjoy and practice.

The purpose of the Liam O’Flynn Award is to provide a traditional artist with a period of artistic reflection, inspiration and creation in residence in the National Concert Hall and to enhance appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of the traditional arts across the rich milieu of the National Concert Hall.

The Liam O’Flynn Award is open to application from traditional artists working in any of the following genres; instrumental music; singing; dance; oral arts such as storytelling, agallamh beirte or lúibíní. The Liam O’Flynn Award welcomes applications from senior artists, established artists in mid-career, and young and emerging artists.

One award will be made in 2022. The closing date for applications is the Thursday 20th January, 5:30pm. For further information see:

Note: As this is a non-NPU funding opportunity, please see the relevant website for the latest information and eligibility requirements.