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Critical Listening Workshop with Fionn Ó hAlmhain

Fionntan Byrne
Critical Listening Workshop with Fionn Ó hAlmhain

Uilleann piper Fionn Ó hAlmhain will deliver a critical listening workshop on Zoom, this Sunday 28th March 2021.

Fionn, who teaches the pipes each week at Na Píobairí Uilleann will be presenting a critical listening technique which he uses and learned from Cork Flute player Conal Ó Gráda. You can watch Conal’s lecture on the subject here:


“Fionn will introduce this approach to critical listening, allow participants to apply the method to a recording of their choice, and then discuss their findings in the group. Participants should stand to gain a better understanding of their own individual musical taste as well as of the particular performance they have examined, the music at hand generally and even the technique of the performer. While this workshop will focus on Irish music, the techniques presented here are very versatile and can be applied to other musical genres as well.”

The workshop will be conducted through Zoom, for more information visit https://www.ministryoffolk.com/sessions/critical-listening-workshop-fionn-halmhain


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