Arts Council Traditional Arts Survey

Arts Council Launches New Survey of the Traditional Arts

The Arts Council has launched a new survey of the traditional arts and is seeking the views of artists, organisations, festivals, promoters and all those working in the sector.

The 16-question survey will be used to inform a new Arts Council Traditional Arts Policy that will be published later this year.

The survey aims to: 

  • identify current issues for artists, individuals and organisations working in the traditional arts;
  • provide an opportunity for artists and organisation to contribute their experience, informed thinking, priorities and suggestions for strategies and initiatives in all aspects of the traditional arts; and 
  • provide some baseline data to help shape the development of the new policy. 

The survey includes a question in which respondents are asked what they regard as the current priorities for the traditional arts. The options include tuition, the introduction of a resource organisation for the sector, the establishment of pay rates, the availability of a professional record label, opportunities to attend sessions, concerts and festivals in local areas, and the availability of performance spaces and venues.

The survey also asks participants to rate the Arts Council’s performance, in particular in promoting the tradition among young people, preserving regional styles, and promoting fair pay for artists.

The final question asks respondents what they feel are the greatest challenges facing the traditional arts, and lists out a number of options including population and demographic changes, archiving, and over-commercialisation.

The Arts Council defines the traditional arts as Irish traditional music, song and dance, and oral arts such as storytelling, agallamh beirte and lúibíní.

The deadline for completing the survey is 31 January. To access the survey, visit