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PipeCraft Courses for 2017

Emmett Gill
PipeCraft Courses for 2017

PipeCraft Courses for 2017

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  • Bellows Making with Niall Kelleher 18th – 20th July (PipeCraft)
  • Reedmaking with Paddy O’Hare 8th – 10th August (PipeCraft)
  • Hollow and Solid Mainstocks with Bill Haneman 21st – 23rd August (PipeCraft)
  • Tools and Jigs for Pipemaking: Tubing benders, tonehole cutters, and more with Bill Haneman 25th – 27th October (PipeCraft)

If you are interested in registering for any of these courses, or require further information please email info@pipers.ie or call +353-1-8730093