Píobaire, An, Volume 9, Issue 5, Page 7

Píobaire, An, Volume 9, Issue 5, Page 7


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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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An Píobaire
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Píobaire, An 9 5 7 20131126 7 ~NEW PUBLICATIONS ~ PIPER’S CHOICE VOLUME 6 MÁIRE NÍ GHRÁDA, DAVID POWER & JOE MCKENNA (NPUDVD013) Available from NPU at €25.00 (Members: €22.00) T HIS SIXTH VOLUME of Piper’s Choice pres- ents a further three musicians, from Cork, Waterford and Dublin, each with their own in- dividual insight into the art of piping, and their own approach to the business of communicat- ing that insight to their listeners. The three musicians on this volume of Piper’s Choice are Cork woman Máire Ní Ghráda, David Power of Waterford and Dubliner Joe McKenna. MÁIRE NÍ GHRÁDA 1 Jigs: The Kerfunteun Jig, The Lark in the Morning 2 Reels: Lad O’Beirne’s, The Stoney Steps, The Rossleigh Whistler 3 Jig: The Wicked Gander 4 Hornpipes: The Last Hornpipe, The Garrykennedy Hornpipe 5 Single jigs: Shaving Baby with a Spoon, Cucanandy 6 Reels: The West Wind, Kilty Town, The Virginian DAVID POWER 7 Jigs: Old Hag You Have Killed Me, The Gander in the Pratie Hole 8 Air: Cailín Deas Cruaite na mBó 9 Hornpipe: The Friendly Visit 10 Jigs: Child of my Heart, Is it the Priest you want? 11 Air: Cuaichín Ghleann Neifin 12 Reels: Salamanca, The Steam Packet JOE MCKENNA 13 Hornpipes: Fisher’s, The Groves 14 Reels: Micho Russell’s, The Laurel Tree, The Woman of the House 15 Air: An Chúilfhionn 16 Jigs: Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part, The Cliffs of Moher, The Eavesdropper 17 Air & reel: The Lament for the Teacher, The Bird in the Bush 18 Piece: My Cape Breton Home a variety of tune-types is a feature of the DVD, and it also includes a smattering of newly-com- posed music, from Hammy Hamilton, Paddy O’Brien, Patrick Hutchinson, Charlie Lennon, Jerry Holland, Bobby Casey and Joe McKenna himself.
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