Píobaire, An, Volume 9, Issue 5, Page 5

Píobaire, An, Volume 9, Issue 5, Page 5


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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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An Píobaire
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Píobaire, An 9 5 5 20131126 5 ~ NEWS & EVENTS ~ LEO ROWSOME COMMEMORATION T he Leo Rowsome commemoration will take place in Henrietta Street on Satur- day 22nd February. ~ 10:00am-5:00pm ~ Pipe-making Workshop: Practical Maintenance and Repair Skills with Bill Haneman and Dave Hegarty ~ 10:00am-3:30pm ~ Piping class / Regulator Workshop: with Padraic Keane, Noel Carberry and Mark Redmond ~ 5:30pm ~ Pipemakers instrument showcase ~ 7:30pm ~ GROUP PHOTOGRAPH ~ 8:00pm ~ OFFICIAL WELCOME ~ 9:00pm ~ REFRESHMENTS ~ 9:30pm ~ RECITAL ROWSOME FAMILY GROUP CORMAC Ó BRIAIN & STEVE PORTER SOUTH DOWNS PIPERS QUARTET Martin Littleboy, Steve Turner Rick Lines & Chris Walker M.C. JOE MC KENNA ~ 10:30pm ~ INFORMAL PIPING SESSION NEW NPU WEBSITE A S THIS ISSUE OF AN PÍOBAIRE is being pre- pared, we are working on putting the fin- ishing touches to a completely new NPU website which we plan to have established early in the new year. During the development process the designers kept under consideration the feedback from the members survey that we conducted earlier this year, and the most commonly suggested im- provements have been incorporated into the new site. These were almost entirely concerned with issues of site navigation and ease of use, and we hope that members will experience an improvement in these areas particularly. Apart from the completely new appearance, the most significant structural change will consist of the amalgamation of our two previous sites. The web address will in future be the single portal to all our services, including all the resources that were previously accessible via the SOURCE address. The other notable change will be seen in the way in which subscriptions are handled. This had to be streamlined to cope with the increas- ingly online nature of our contact with mem- bers, and to facilitate the introduction of a class of user who will not be members of NPU but who might wish to access some of our online content. Members should note that this change in no way affects their own membership status, and, when renewing membership, should con- tinue to select the ‘Full Member’ option. This type of exercise is never finished, and we would like to hear the views of our members on the new site. Please contact us to report any faults or to suggest improvements.
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