Píobaire, An, Volume 8, Issue 3, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 8, Issue 3, Page 3


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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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An Píobaire
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Píobaire, An 8 3 3 20120622 T HE ANNUAL TIONÓL of NPU this year in The Listowel Arms Hotel, Listowel proved to be one of the most enjoyable ever. The weekend of glorious fine weather set the scene and a very full attendance added to the atmosphere of good company and fine music. PIPE-MAKERS SHOWCASE, INTERNATIONAL IN- VOLVEMENT AND YOUNG PIPER’ RECITAL An example of the international nature of NPU at this annual gathering of pipers was demon- strated by a local member, a Kilmoyley piper, performing on a very well produced chanter from a Japanese pipemaker. Apart from this, the display of well finished and highly functional bags, bellows, well fitted chanters and even full sets clearly shows that qual- ity instruments being made available to pipers, contributing to raising the standard of performance and getting learners to advanced levels more quickly than was possible decades ago. Once upon a time many learners sto- ically and with a sense of resigna- tion, accepted the situation where tuning defects or air leaks and other problems were an inescapable part of the piper’s life. Nowadays, improved instrument quality, greater informa- tion exchange, enhanced training facilities and effective instruction are all helping to change that belief. More pipers, young and older are playing better music because of this improving state of affairs. High standard uilleann piping played on good instruments is becoming much more attainable and this continues to be our primary objective. Exposure to good piping draws in more beginners thereby stimulating the demand for more and better sets of pipes. The fruits of good instrument availability were also borne out by the young pipers playing on well balanced, in-tune and ergonomically man- ageable instruments. They were well able to employ precise and expressive chanter tech- nique while using very skilful regulator ac- companiment at the same time. Contrasting styles and choice of music were other features of these pipers’ approach to the art. The duet of pipers on flat sets playing in harmony was also a very enjoyable feature of the Tionól. REEDMAKING The ongoing training needs of all students of reed making and pipe tuning were well provided for by Ted Anderson and Benedict Koehler, conducting the workshop sessions. They revealed various methods and underlying approaches to tying and fitting reeds and guills. Ted brought over a supply of personally har- vested cane from California and pipers are greatly indebted to him for his kindness. We will ensure that tubes and small diameter drone guill tubes, are made available to reed makers. The pieces of wax specifically developed for the needs of reed makers are much appreci- ated. As in all such events, the discussions which took place among the participants on reed details such as processing the cane to shape, the staple diameter, the flattened por- tion, the eye width and the tying up of reeds 3
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An Píobaire, Volume 8, Issue 3

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