Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 5, Issue 25, Page 32

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 5, Issue 25, Page 32
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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5157. An bhFaoa Tn Mo Valentine?(DID You Sws MY VALENTINE?)TITLE: 1796, p. 31, no. 87: A bhfaoa tu mo bhalentine-Have you seen my Valentine?I. An raibh t t ar a Oharraic no a bhfaca til fOin mc ghrddh?A bhfaoa hi gile na finne nO sgOimh na mnd?A bhfaca hi an t-ubhall is cumhartha, deigb-mhilse blth?No a bhfaca hi mo Valentine, nO bhfuil si gd claoidh mar tdim 7II. BhI mO ar a Oharraic agus chonnaic me fOin do ghrddh.Ni fhaca me gile na finns nO sgOimh na mud.NI fhaca me an t-ubhall ha chumhartha, deigh-mhilse bldtb,Ach chonnaic me do Valentine, is nil si gd claoidh mar tdir!MS. 10, no. 84. MS. readings: Title, I, 4 and II, 4, Valantin. II, 4, ebonairo. II, 4, s.TRANSLATION.I. Have you been at Carrick and did you see my love?Did you see the brightest of beauties, the fairest of women?Did you see the most scented apple of sweetest bloom?And did you see my Valentine, and is she pining like me?II. I have been at Carrick and I saw your love.I did not see the brightest of beauties, the fairest of women.I did not see the most scented apple of sweetest bloom,But I did see your Valentine, and she is not pining like you!NOTES.2. Joyces Irish Mnsie and Song (1888), p. 10, also with Walshs words.3. Stanford-Petrie, no. 1112.The two principal places named Oarrick in Ireland are Oarrick-on-Suir, CountyTipperary and Carrick-on-Shanflon, County Leitrim, though Carriokmacross, CountyMonaghan, is also known as Carrick. ODaly, however (too. cit.), says that this songwas composed by Dominic OItlongan or Mungan, a seventeenth century harperforwhom see Bunting (1840), Introduction, p. 78in honour of a celebrated beauty ofher day, Miss Eliza Blacker, of Carriok (or Carrick Blacker) on the river Bann, CountyArrnagh near Portadown. Bui it is to be pointed out that ODaly was frequentlyirresponsible in his statements, and the present one should be received with reserve.A statement by ODaly identifying the Oarraig of the well-known song Ar bhruachna carraige bdine with this same Carrick on the Bann is ridiculed by Petrie (AncientMusic of Ireland, 1855, p. 143).TITLEBuntings title is correct for the verses given above, but probablyincorrect for the air which he orints as no. 57. His air, with what appears to bethe correct title for it, is printed below as no. 57A.WORDSThe only other independent printed copy of the words is that inWalshs Irish Popular Songs (1847), p. 76. It contains four additional verses whichprobably do not belong to the .song at all, and much of the point of verge II is spoiltby reason of lines 2 and 3 being positive instead of negative (I saw, instead of Idid not seeThree variants of the appropriate air for this song have been printed1. ODalys Poets and Poetrij of Munster, First Series, Second Edition (1850),p. 287, with Walshs copy of the words. A poor variant, the air being swamped bygrace-notes.F
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