Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 88

Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 88
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periodical Publisher
Pigott & Co. 1927
periodical Editor
Roche, Francis
periodical Title
Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes
volume Number
issue Content
Repeal of the Union ( 1stRepeal of the Union ( 2nd)Rolands ReturnSaddle the PonySeaan an EithigS ii O1111 T)t1JlShanahans RamblesShoemakers Fancy, TheStrap t he RazorTart ar an 01Top of Cork Road, TheTrip to the CottageTJghdaras Gan EolasWalls of Liscaroll, TheWheels bf the World, TheWhat call have you to me Ned?Youll go a-hunting no moresingle jigshop jigsAndrew CareyA fig for a KissA Whack at the WhigsBarney BralliganBarony JIg, TheBerwick Jockey, TheBuckskin Breeches, TheCeol na SeilgeCock and the Hen, TheFoxhunters Jig, TheI 37I 37I 41I 47III 27I 51III 28I 41I 44III 29I 42I 37III 30I 40I 38I 50I 45II 24II 25II 27II 26II 26II 26III 36III 36II 24II 27Humors of Ballymanus, TheHigh Road to Dublin, TheHills of Tipperary, TheLa na FeiseLoopingNew Widow, well married, ThePaddy be aisyRocky Road to DublinRuffle the old Hag in the cornerSkin the PeelersSwaggering Jig, TheUp in the Garret I amset dcrncesAce and Deuce, TheBlackbird, TheBlackthorn Stick TheBonapartes RetreatBonapartes RetreatDrunken Gauger, TheV ii fl1o tGarden of Daisies, TheHumors of Bandon, TheHunt, TheJob of Journeywork, TheJockey at the fairKilliekrankieLodge Road, TheMorgiana in EnglandMorgiana in IrelandPatricks DayRambling Rake, TheSeaan 0 Duibhir An GleannaSuisheen bawn , TheThree Captains, TheYoughal HarbourflingsBonnie ScotlandFlax in bloom, TheJohn Roches FavouriteKnocktoran FairLove wont you marry me ?Monnymusk Theold set dancesNos 299 - 214Nos 119 - 134II 25II 28III 36III 36II 27II 28II 24II 25H 28II 24H 28II 27II 36II 35II 35II 36II 35II 36II 46-50III 37-40All the way to GaiwayIII34An Mangaire SugachHI35\ : t Utliti ii Oi tII23Barrack HillII23Breeches full of StitchesII20Bruise the Peaseiii24( . it iii( 1st )II22( , iIiii ( 2nd )II22Captain JinksII23Cock your pistol Charley(1st )II21Cock your pistol Charlie( 2nd)II21Echoes of Killarney, TheII22Giolla na Grualge BaineIII34Gobby-0, TheIII35Hen and all her Broth, TheII20Humours of Limerick, TheIII35Hunt the CatIII35Man in the Moon, TheII22Morning Dew, TheIII33Na Madrai san EornaIII33Peeler and the Goat, TheII21Rural FelicityII23IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIHIIIII65293033656832313031293234683334676667306765
issue Number
page Number
periodical Author
Roche, Francis
issue Publication Date

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