Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 87

Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 87
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periodical Publisher
Pigott & Co. 1927
periodical Editor
Roche, Francis
periodical Title
Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes
volume Number
issue Content
O Blame not the Bard I 24OCrowleys Dream I 31Oh, Pleasant were the days III 4Old Shady Bohereen, the I 9Old Woman Lamenting her purse, The I 36O Native Music III 16Osgail An Dorus Go Ciuin 0 III 7Parting Glass, The I 121 .) iiuiii Fioiuii ( 1st ) I 13P 1r1)in ploifli ( 2nd ) I 13Pearl of the Irish Nation III 8Poitin Still., The III 2Praises of Limerick, The I 8Pretty Maid milking the Cow , The I 20Red haired mans wife I 23Red haired mans wife I 16Red haired mans wife III 7- Remenber the glories of Brian the brave I 26River Roe, The I 3614Or Dub I 15S l11u piiiti tMtll I 24SeJ n C) Duibip fl (1st) I 16Se n C) Duil)ip ii e uin (2nd) I 17Se iii C) Oulbill n e uin (w. var. ) I 33S ub , i I 15Slainte na nGhaodhal III 11Sti.L t) u iii l) n I 20Sliabh na mBan III 15Sliabh Feidhlim III 8Sliabh Gallen III 16Staic an Margaidh III 5Suantral Ciarraighe III 8Sweet little Cuckoo, The I 30CMmrt im C- vo ( Moore ) I 27r bnire 1fl (o Ot O ( Trad. ) I 27They are gone III 19ruput o r111 u \ 1O I 17Ualachan Dubh 0 III 21Ulster Air III 3Vive La III 13Wanderes Musings, The III 10Wanderers Musings, The III 10Were you at the Rock ? I 30Where the Aughbeg flows III 4Woods of Kilmurry, The III 19Youll never deceive me again III 6Young black cow ,The I 11glees,ofna!Bundle and goBoys of the Town, TheCafflers Courtship, TheCatholic Boy, TheCherish the LadiesClare Jig, TheCockled old Man, TheCoded oldCockled old Man, TheConnaught Mans rambles , TheDay after the Fair , TheDonneybrook Fair ( 1st)Donneybrook Fair ( 2nd)Eastern Harper, TheFarewell to LibertyFire on the Mountains, TheFlaxdresser, TheFollies of Youth, TheFrieze Breeches , TheFrost is all gone, TheGalbally Farmer, TheGalloping OHoganGeatsai na LeibideGeese in the Bog, TheGirl for me, TheGirl of the House, TheHappy mistake, TheHatter from Nenagh, TheHumors of Ballinafad, TheHumors of Kilkenny, TheHumors of Cappa, TheHumors of Mullinafauna, TheHurry the JugI will if I canJacksons Morning BrushJoys of Wedlock, TheKillaloe boat, TheLittle bag of meal, TheLannigans BallLarry GroganLarry 0 GaffLittle Drummers, TheMaids of Glenroe, TheMaid on. the Green, TheMaids of Tramore, TheMerry Maiden, TheMerry old Woman, TheMountain Brow, TheMolly BranniganNell Flahertys DrakePaddy Mc FaddenPaddy the DandyPattern Day, ThePut on your clothesPriests Leap, TheRakes of Kildare, TheRakes of Kildare, TheRakes of Clonmel, TheI 49I 49III 27III 28I 39I 52III 31I 52I 47I 38I 42I 42I 51III 31III 31I 48III 29I 43I 46I 39I 41III 30I 40III 30I 43I 52III 28I 40I 53I 46I 38III 29I 48I 45I 501 44I 38I 45I 47I 49I 44I 38I 46I 52III 32I 37I 53I 50III 32I 43I 39I 51I 49III 27I 39III 32I 41double jigstiBlooming Meadows, TheBoys from the West, TheBoys from the Lough, TheBryan 0 Lynnl)u ( i1 1iri l)uil)u ( %11 iti l),inI 49I 48I 48I 42I 40I 39I 50
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Roche, Francis
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