O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 9

O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 9
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody
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CLASSIFIETh INDEXSLIP or HOP JIGSNAMES A fig for a kiss 217Capt. McDonalds favorite 211Come to the bridal 212Darby Carey 207Dollys the girl for me 204Gilla Machree 208Goodfellow, The 200Irish hop pickers 202Kitten, The 203Lasses of Sligo 210Lasses of Solohod 215Long room, The 214NAMES NUMBERSMiss Browns faAcy. 201Munster rake 213McDonnells rant 205Pipers whim 209Roving blade 216Splashing of the churn 198Yellow stockings 206REELSNAMES NUMBERSA letter from home 230Arkansas Traveler and examples.. 255Bashful beau 241Because I was a bonnie lad 242Bonnie lad 243Cabar feigh, or deers horns 269Caledonian hunt 282Cameron House 256Capt. Kellers reel 226Charming Mary Kelly 239Clever colleen 281Coi. McBains reel 279Contradiction reel 232Cottage in the grove 306Crossing the field 293Curly Mike 294Curragh races 285Cutty Sark 302Darling Dan 292Delaneys frolics 259Devil to pay 297Dolly Dimple 277Donegal reel 264Dunse dings all 265Early rose 240Factory lass 249Fairy hurlers 245Falls of Doonass or Claucys reel,.. 316Farewell to Connacht 329Fickle fortune 296Fiddlers frolic 322Four hand reel 224Free and easy 280Frisky Fanny 318Game of love 276Glendowan reel .. .s 325Glenmore hunt 223Golden wedding P261NAMES NUMBERSGood luck and more of it 303Green grows the rashes 234Green grows the rushes, 0 235Greigs pipes 288Groves of Mount Talbot 324Heel of the hu it 311Home made reel 250Hopetown house 320Iow we spent the Christmas 247Humors of Ballyheige 295Ill go no more to yon town 273Irish Pat 263I wish you would marry me now.,,, 248Jack Lattin and variations 236Jennie Dang the weaver 310Jennie rock the cradle 237Jerry OReillys reel 271Johnny when you die 284Joyful hour 251Kellys number two 270Kennaws reel 326Kitty ONeill 221Lady Harriot Hopes reel 258Lady Kellys reel, or Up Roscommon 218Ladys earring 275League reel 290Limber elbow 268Limerick lads 300Lucky number 289Maids of Tipperary 246Mammas pet 222Marquis of Huntleys reel 225Mickey Rattleys fancy 299Millstone reel 323Miss Bains fancy 228Miss Bains reel 227Miss Browns favorite 229NAMES NUMBERSMiss Corbetts reelMiss Farrs reel 262Miss Gunnings delight 231Miss Singletons reel 274Miss Wardlaws reel 287Molly from Longford 308Mon jemusk reel and variations 238Morning cheer 276Never grow old 26New Years night 301Old maid 315Paddy MeNamaras reel 312Paddys pet 319Pigeon on the gate 307Rambling rake 305Raveled hank of yarn 233Redmonds frolics 252Reidys reel 304Rolling reel 260Rose garden 253Rose in full bloom 328Seymours fancy 272Shaskan reel 327Sligo dandy 321Smiling Susan 244Sweet Molly 257Sweetheart reel 220Swells of Coolrahan 314Templehouse reel 286Tickle the strings 267Tom Clairs Maggie 317Touheys favorite reel 309Trim the bonnet 291Trying to go to sleep 313Turkey in the straw, etc 254Wallace Twins 298Wink of her eye 283HORNPIPESNAMESA stage hornpipe 351Astleys hornpipe 356Boys of Ballycastle 345Boys of Curraghmore 338Capt. Corbetts hornpipe 333Dan Lowrys hornpipe 335Darling lovely Sue 363Devonshire hornpipe 342Dorsetshire hornpipe 343Egans hornplpe 352Ewe with the crooked horn 364Ewie wi the crookit horn 365Knuckeen free 336Leinster hornpipe 331Liscarroll hornpipe 358Lucy Campbells hornpipe 350Merryman hornpipe 357Miss Carrolls hornpipe 347Miss Rochefle Rudolphs hornpipe. 360Morans hornpipe 361Mrs. Wilsons hornpipe 353McNallys hornpipe 349NAMES NUMBERSParisots hornpipe 354Pat Healy hornpipe 334Rafterys 4 favorite 362Reynardine 339Richers hornpipe 355Scholar, TheShanahajis hornplpeShuters hornpipeSpry young ladStacks hornpipeTamonys hornpipe 382NUMBERS NAMES NUMBERSHumors of Bottle Hill 199NUMBERS NAMES NUMBERSJack ONeills fancy 359330346341348337Nelsons borupipe 340 Whitesides hornpipe 3447
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody

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