O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7

O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7


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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody
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INTRODUOTIONNo formal expression of appreciation could dojustice to the unselfish co-operation of Francis E.Walsh of San Francisco, Cal. A jnember of the one-time famous Irish Music Club of Chicago, Mr. Walsh,with the skill, patience and tact so essential to histask, sored in musical notation many fine variantsand unpublished tunes as played by clever fiddlers,and fiuters, now residing in that city. From thestorehouse of his own memory he added- other favor-ed numbers, and generously forwarded the total to theEditor in the interest of Irish musical regeneration.For years the correspondence of Dr. H. C. Mercerof Doylestown, Pa., was an intellectual stimulant..Curator of the Bucks County Historical Society, Dr.Mercer is also an enthusiast on. folk music, both Gaelicand American. QuotatiotIs from his published articlesAugust 28, 1922.on the latter, are included in the descriptive text. Tohis generosity we owe the historical pictures TheBlind Fiddler and Lochaber No More, printedfrom blocks supplied at his personal expense.As a sixth and final contribution to the cherishedcause of perpetuating Gaelic musical tradition, thecompilation of this workunique in many respects- was undertaken in the sunset years of a long andadventurous life, and at a time when the difficultiesof publication were most discouraging.Should the musical antiquary, or modern com-poser derive from a study of Waifs and Strays ofGaelic Melody as much profit, as the editor did ofpleasure in its compilation and publication, all is well,and the desired end has been attained..CLASSIFIED INDEXA 0 a prelimina1 y words Tlie is omitted in names of Airs or Tunes in tileindex. For example; in looking for The K kt of St. Patrick Lancersthe name will be found under the letter K in the Class of Special Dances.AIRSSONGSNUMBERS NAMESNAMESAll I want is a decent boyBanished to AmericaBard of ArmaghBattle of AughrlmBiddy MageeBold Trainor 0Capt. OKaln, or The wounded hussarCnolc UsnachConnacht mothers slumber song....CuckooDark.eyed gypsyDawning of the dayDear Old IrelandDid you see my man looking for me?Do it for my sakeDrimen Duff t - .Drlmmlfl Dhoun OgeFather Tom ONeillNUMBEflS 4AM1:42 Gay young fireman 37Oo my own darling boy 26Gralne Uaile 23Heart of my Kitty 65He will not be angry 59I found my love In the morning.... 27Irish lament for martyred Soggarth 10Irish lassie 45Irish widows lament on death ofher only son 11I was roaming in the gloaming.... 8Jessie the flower of Dunbiane 40Kate Kearney with variations 18Lamentation of Aughrlm:Lamentation of Owen Roe ONeill..Lament for the Arran fishermen.Limericks Lamentation No. 122 LimerIcks Lamentation No. 23039211213495529636233386425601920NCMBERS149Lochaber r.o moroLullaby for Irish pipesMaid of sweet GurteenMolly of Lough rne ShoreMy charmer from dareMy dear Irish girlMy only Joe and Deary 0My true love has gone from me....Odonnells lamentation 41Old man rocking the cradle 4O Nancy wilt thou go with me 53One bottle more .Paddy DoylePlanxty Toby PeytonRocking th CradleSarsflelds lamentationSalute High Pilib No. iSainte High Pilib No. 2513548374746I1.332-1516
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody

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