Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12

Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12
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periodical Publisher
Pigott & Co. 1927
periodical Editor
Roche, Francis
periodical Title
Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes
volume Number
issue Content
6DOUBLE JIGS continued.Cockled old man, TheClare Jig, TheDown the HillThe blooinin meadowsDon neybrook Fair, The (1st Setting,)The baijs from the LoughDonneybrook Fair, The (2nti Setting)Eastern Harper, TheFlaxdresser, TheFrieze Breeches, TheFrost is all gone, TheGalbally Farmer, TheThe Rakes of KildareGeese in the Bog, TheGirl of the house, TheGalloping OHoganttRakes of ClonmelHumors of Kilkenny, TheHumors of Cappa, TheHappy mistake, TheJacksons morning brushJoys of W dlock, The.Killaloe Boat, TheLittle bag of meal, TheHiunors of 4 tuliinafa tnaLannigans BallBush in bloom, TheBucks of OranmQre, TheBonnie Kate ( 1st selling)Bonnie Kate (2nd setting)Back of the change, TheBunkers Hillbe. iu. t ii 2 ou iibe. iu4 iol eConnemara stockingsCrooked way to Dublin, TheDublin Porter, The.. ..Drousy MaggieFlannel Jacket, TheFour mile stone, TheFlower of the Flock, TheGardners Daughter, TheGreenwood Lasses, Theb e4un Coire bi rneHow the money goesHags grave, TheHeather breeze, TheJenny picking cookiesKeel Row, TheLord Gordons ReelLaune Rangers, TheMountain Lark, TheMills are grinding, TheMorning Star, TheMiss M9 LeodMasons Apron, TheMolly BrallaghanMiss MonaghanMaid amongst the Roses, TheMy Love in AmericaLarry Gro anLittle Drummers, TheMaids of Glenroe, TheMaid on The Greeih TheMountain Brow, TheMolly BrallaghanMaids of Tramore, ThePaddy M9 FaddenPattern Day, ThePut on your clothesbdlc4ir dn blorn4t 1eRepeal of the UnionZ f riij ld WomanRepeal of the Union (2nd Selling)Rolands returnSaddle the PonyStrap the RazorShoemakers Fancy, TheSe4n J o,ui n jiTop of Cork Road, TheTrip to the CottageWalls of Liscarroll, TheWheels of the World, TheThe daij after the fairWhat call have you to me, Ned?Youll go a hunting no more525248424251484346394043415346524550443845474438465350524351493737. 4147444151423740385045REELS.53 iiss Campbell59 Miss Looneys Re l70 My Love and, I in the garden70 Miss John ori ..-71 Magpies Ne 51, The71 Mary of the Grove58 Outdoor relief, The ..61 Pigeon on the gate, The (1st setting)60 Pigeon on the gate, The (2nd Setting)70 Pretty Maids of Bulgaden, The72 Purty Girl, The64 Polly put the kettle on57 Rose of Castletown, The72 Rakish Paddy71 Rolling on the Ryegrass55 Salamanca Reel73 Spatter the dew73 Star of Munster, The67 Sporting Molly55 Strawberry Blossom57 Scotch -Sally69 Silver Tip, The75 Stile of Ballylanders, The64 Stick the Minister72 Tap the Barrel54 Toss the Feather56 Teetotallers Reel, The57 Take her out and air her59 Turnpike Gate, The (1st setting)61 Turnpike Gate, The (2nd Setting)62 Teresa Halpin!s Reel62 Up stairs in a tent68 Wild Fire Chase, The63 Wind that shakes the barley646765676873636666656875565460547455626568666975596168747456696075
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periodical Author
Roche, Francis
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Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1