Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 11

Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 11


periodical Publisher
Pigott & Co. 1927
periodical Editor
Roche, Francis
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Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes
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index. Vol I.AIRS.521 C 4 iUn 5i t 5 P6 Sean ouine lIdt2 Cu rle mo Cpothe .Aileen MavourneenBrink of the White Rocks, The (1st Setting)1 r rjtu .i 4n oro ie n4 t l 3 4N14l 1 (2nj Setting)Banks of the Suir, The (1st Setting)Banks of the Suir, The (2ni Setting)bum Lirrn aepa b i o aBlackbird, TheBold Deserter, TheBoyne Water, ThePraises ofLimerickCoir teara sur tile 50 h-u4l 5nediCoulin, TheCatlrn earl2n aol sd B sired ) fans S ersion,C irn r 1Zu th (2ntl version)(Cddrn b nifary MavourneenCome back to ErinCon sidines GrovesCi,r nrDui15i *t ioi nean Doiin.Dark slender boy, The (1st rswn)Dark slender boy, The (en i Version)Dark woman of the mount airIs, TheDerry Air..Darby ODowdDeath of Staker Wallace, The1 he n otil5 an 5ledrnlaDark RosaleenDear Irish Boy, The Ost selling,)Dear Irish Boy, Thern (2nt Setting)6 mo C 1 ioreErrigal M Creigh ..Gallant Tipperary Boys, TheGroves of Blarney, TheThe Last flose of Suntmeimo CiiorSeiThe Harp that onceGame played in Erin go Bragh, TheHumors of Gun, TheThe Groves of Sweet 3fyrtleJimmy mo mhile sthoirJack ODonoghueKillarneyLovely SallyLord MayoLittle Heathy Hill, TheMorning of Life, The .Mauriade ni CeallaghMolly OgeM9 Leans LamentationNancy the Pride of the EastNed of the Hill (1st Setting)Ned of the Hill (enit setting)Ned of the Hill (3rd Setting) .. .Nora Daly.. ,Nora ONeillOld Shady Bohereen, TheCahirciveenOH woman lamenting her purseOCrowleys DreamParting Glass, ThePretty maid milking her cow, ThePair utn ponn (1 .ct Semng)Pairorn ponu (2nd setting)River Roe, TheRed haired mans wifeThe Caves of tong6 r 5eai Du15Remember the glories of Brian the BraveSean O Dutth 1 i an tleatina (1: 1 Setting)..Sean O Duibi 1 i an l& nna (2nd Setting.)Sean 0 Dut5i t an leanua (W?M Variations)..Tht li DruirThe Exile of ErinSweet little Cuckoo, TheStubat 4 ian banMy Love Nell. .flitnre itti 0l4l r (Moore,)t iinre ita Co th (2ra&tional)Cu iur 50 CijI na n 6 5Were you at the RockYoung black cow, TheDOUBLE JIGS.bua aiUin bui ePaddy the DandyBoys from the West, TheIwill f JoanBryan OLynnThe humors of Ballinafad394840;Bundle and GoILarry OGaffBoys of the Town, Thebu aiflin b uConnaughtmans Rambles, The..Cherish the Ladies4949504739Kitty my dearKitty Tyrrell0 blame not the BardLullabyLament for Father Michael Moloney3424832273311101019282223232332363014143116292931252.5123520211517181112143413102634352820123631.12201313361615261617.332430154)27173011J i I.
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Roche, Francis
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Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 1