Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 46, Page 4

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 46, Page 4
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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4The picture at right is a recent additionto our archive. Showing Pat Ward andhis fiddle-player son Paddy, it was re-ceived from Sean Corcoran who has estab-lished contact with descendants of Pat Ward.Several donations were received from mem-bers who attended our Tionól in May. PatMcNulty provided copies of several photo-graphs of the pipers assembled in Bettystownin 1968, including some pictures that we hadnot seen before. He also donated copies ofCDs of Irish dance music with which he hadbeen involved.Emmett Gill has donated a superb copy of thesheet music of the Overture to Oscar &Malvina with the Highland March & BattlePieces, composed by William Reeve. This isthe dramatic piece, staged two centuries agoin London, which was famously associatedwith the pipers O’Farrell and Courtney. Itincludes a part for the union pipes, and weplan to reproduce this in a future issue of AnPíobaire.We had two visitors to the Tionól fromHungary, Anna Németh and Zsuzsanna Pek,who donated to our library a CD of archiverecordings of Hungarian piping, and a copy ofThe Bagpipe, by G. Szabó Zoltán, a lavishlyillustrated catalogue of an exhibition of bag-pipes recently staged by the Museum ofEthnography in Budapest.Several copies of rare Irish music books werereceived from Dave Hegarty, as well as sever-al private recordings, including one ofTommy Kearney from 1973.The EFDSS have donated a copy of their pub-lication The Great Northern Tunebook, anedition of the Vickers MS collection from1770, and Arie de Keyzer loaned an interest-ing set of pipes and 18th c. music manual tobe photographed.Na Píobairí Uilleann has reciprocal arrange-ments with several other piping and musicalbodies to exchange publications. Complete ornear-complete runs of many of these publica-tions are available to members in our library.Publications received include the following:Pipers’ Review / Iris na bPíobairí – Magazine of theIrish Pipers’ Club, Seattle. Vol XXVII No 1,Winter 2008Chanter – Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Summer2008Béaloideas – The Journal of the Folklore of IrelandSociety. Volumes 74 (2006), and 75 (2007)The Journal of Music in Ireland – Vol. 8 no. 3,May/Jun 2008 Piping Today – Magazine of the National PipingCentre, Glasgow. Issues 33English Dance & Song – Magazine of the EnglishFolk Dance & Song Society, Summer 2008Utriculus – Magazine of the Associazione Culturale“Circolo Della Zampogna”, Anno XI,Numero 41, Jan/Mar 2007, Numero 42,Apr/Jun 2007Sing Out! – Quarterly Journal of the Sing Out!Corporation, Vol. 52 no. 1, Spring 2008Ar Soner – magazine of Bodaged Ar Sonerion/Assemblée des Sonneurs de Bretagne. No.386, Apr/May 2008~ Donations & acquisitions ~
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 46

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