Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 46, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 46, Page 3


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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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Iwas delighted with the success of our 41sttionól held at the end of May, whichappears to have been thoroughly enjoyedby everyone in attendance. The standard andvariety of all aspects of the event were of thehighest order, and sincere thanks to all ourstaff who, as is their wont, ensured that every-thing went off very smoothly. It was great tomeet a number of pipers who had attended thefirst tionól in Bettystown in 1968and even more heartening to seethat their love and enthusiasm forthe pipes and piping has notwaned over the years. I heardsome fabulous piping from famil-iar faces and indeed from someplayers who I had not met before,which sent me home with a num-ber of tunes and aspects of tech-nique to work on. For those of youwho were unable to attend anaccount of the tionól appears elsewhere in thisedition of An Píobaire and our website con-tains many photographs taken during thetionól.The season of summer schools is well andtruly under way and I expect that there will beconsiderable interest in both the orthodox andin the more specialised piping classes whichNa Píobairí Uilleann have organised to takeplace at Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy inMiltown Malbay. The diversity of these class-es reflects our aim in providing players of alllevels and ability an opportunity to developtheir listening, playing and reed-making skillsand I have no doubt that these will be appre-ciated by everyone taking part. Other piping-based events to look forward to at Miltownwill be the lunch-time piping recitals whichare always well attended and of course thepiping recital itself. Our staff will, as usual, berunning a shop in the Community Hall whereall of our own publications, recordings etc aswell as a wide range of other items of interestto pipers will be on sale.I would like to inform you all inadvance that we will be conductingour next members’ survey in theAutumn and would encourage asmany of you as possible to takepart. As a member-based organisa-tion, your feed-back is critical sothat the organisation can providethe sort of service and supportwhich members want. Our mostrecent survey, held in in 2006, washeavily drawn upon in the design of thestrategic plan which has been our road mapsince its inception in determining our goalsand expectations. It is vital, therefore, thatyou share your views with us again in thisforthcoming survey so that we can continue toexpand and improve upon the services weoffer in line with your expectations.For many people, myself included, the sum-mer provides many outlets for playing andpractice so may all your musical pursuits overthe next few weeks be worthwhile and enjoy-able. All we need now is for the humidity togo easy on the reeds! Robbie Hannan3
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