Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 8

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 8
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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15Great Northern Irish PipersClubThe Great Northern Irish Pipers Club(GNIPC) has had another spring/sum-mer of successful piping events. Maystarted out with our sixth annual Tionól,which was held at Saint Paul LandmarkCenter, in the beautiful Schubert ClubMuseum (http://www.schubert.org). Whilstsurrounded by musical artefacts from suchclassical masters as Beethoven and Brahms,Michael “Piper” Cooney and Eamonn Dillonled the piping workshops, and Joseph E.Smith provided reedmaking instruction.Paddy Kennan stopped in to check on the pro-ceedings and provided us all with some goodcraic and incredible tunes. We had a great turnout of more than 20 pipers. Highlights includ-ed a two and a half hour concert on Saturdaynight with performances by Tom Klein, MrDillon and Mr Cooney and a Sunday after-noon impromptu piping duet by Mr Keenanand Mr Cooney, which left everyone’s jawsajar and the pipers sweating. Video from thisprevious tionóil can be found online atwww.gnipc.org. Many thanks to AdeleBinning for all of her efforts – herding cats,people, and everything else!In June, as part of the Minnesota Young IrishMusicians Weekend, Tommy Martin held aworkshop for the us at the St Paul residenceof Tom Klein (and his wonderful wife AdeleBinning). The workshop was well attended,and much appreciated; we are always excitedwhen Mr Martin heads north from his StLouis home. During the workshop, Mr Martinexpertly led the attendees through a tune, andoffered tips, suggestions and plenty of pipingtricks. It was a great workshop and we lookforward to our next opportunity to haveTommy visit us pipers in the cold northernplains. Finally, during Augusts’ Irish Fair ofMinnesota GNIPC and uilleann piping wereprominently featured at the Piper’s & SeisiúnTent. GNIPC offered a variety of piping-relat-ed programming for the fairgoers, includingconcerts by Michael Cooney, demonstrationsof singing with the uilleann pipes by Mr.Cooney, local piper Edmund Tunney andMinnesota's living legend – Tom Dahill, aswell as performances of set dances with won-derful local dancers. The tent was also hometo lively seisiúns over the weekend, andattracted hundreds of visitors, many of whomexpressed an interest in learning more aboutthe uilleann pipes and traditional music ingeneral. Several folks even tried out their pip-ing skills on a practice set. The weekend wasa grand success for the GNIPC and we arealready looking forward to next year’s fair.A special thanks to efforts of all of thoseinvolved in these fine events: Na PíobairíUilleann, The Schubert Club, Keegan's Pub,Legacy Fund of the Irish Fair of Minnesota,Adele Binning, Tom Klein, Michael Cooney,Eamonn Dillon, Paddy Keenan, TommyMartin, David Boisvert, Patrick Maun, JosephSmith, and all others involved in makingGNIPC's Tionól, Workshop, and the Pipers’and Seisiún Tent successful. The GNIPC willbe reorganizing itself as the MinnesotaUilleann Pipers Association later this year.Please keep watch for upcoming events!Patrick Cole and Daniel MorganMichael Cooney & Paddy KeenanEkhard Topp14segments documenting the emerging popular-ity of pipes. An afternoon class was offeredbefore the attendees gathered around the pubto say their last goodbyes, exchange emailaddresses and promising each other to returnnext year for another fantastic weekend ofmusic.Huge thanks are due for the hard work andendless effort that was put into making the2007 Northeast Tionól happen: SusanneWard, Frank Gibbons, Benedict Koehler,Kara Doyle, and Skip Cleavinger. The week-end was supported generously in part by NaPíobairí Uilleann and Cultúr Éireann, forwhich we thank them. Agus a cheoltóirí –feicfidh muid sibhse aríst, le cunamh Dé!Molly Josephine HesterGerman Tionól June 2007The picture below is the official groupphoto of our Tionól in June 2007 from7th to 10th in the Proitzer Mühle.About 60 people attended including sixteenuilleann pipers. The others were fiddle play-ers, flute players and other guests for ses-sions.Andreas Rogge was invited for to conduct thereedmaking class. Hans-Jörg Podworny, thePipemaker from Peine, who is handicappednow since 1990 and confined to a wheel chair,was also there. We all wished him to be thereout of our great respect for his involvementand his knowledge.Christian TietjeLeft to right: Iris Isabell Jirka; Felix Buchtmann; Jens Kommnick; Andreas Rogge; Hannah Susanne Rautmann;Eckart Mansfeld; Christian Tewordt; Heike Horstmann; Christian Tietje; Louise Mulcahy; Monika Schmettow; Dr.Johannes Schiefner; Andreas Coerdt; Dr. Jan Lastovicka
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43

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