Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 2

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 2
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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RecitalsThe winter series of Saturday recitals ended for theChristmas with a great night on 17 December. Therecital featured Fran McPhail, Gerry Cullen and PhilCalery singing in harmony and pipers three MichaelOBrien, Gay McKeon and the guru Andy Conroy.Andy was a great hit and we hope to have him playagain on I I March.The recitals have re_commenced and will rununtil the Tion6l at the end of April. Listings ofplayers are available from the NP(J office.The series from September to Christmas has beenvery successful and we look forward to anothersuccessful run for the spring.DiscographyThe discography of piping being compiled by NicholasCarolan, is progrEssing, with a good deal of thematerial on computer. Members who feel they haveany information to offer should contact NicholasCarolan, at NPU as soon as possible so that thework may be completed and published without delay.LostPeter OLoughlin,who features withSouth West Windpipes.the dare fiddle player and piperRonan Browne on the record The(CC47) has a set of HarringtonSome years ago Peter gave the bass regulatorreturn to Sean Reid for repair. It went then to MalWhyte who lived in Ennistymon and Mal reports thatit went missing from his workshop. If any readerknows of the whereabouts of this perhaps they wouldlet either Peter OLough!in or the NPU office know.It is a pity not to have the set intact.New CassettesThe double cassette publication The Samus EnnisStory can be obtained through NPIJ. Cost (including postage). The cassettes contain thematerial broadcast on the RTE programme Airneanand this is a mixture of music and reminiscences offamily and friends.The 22nd Tionl takes place on 28-30 Apri l in NewryCo. Down. A bookng form is enclosed with thisPiobaire. Please return this without delay if youintend attending.Also enclosed with this issue is a Calendar ofEvents for 989. Specific details regarding anyevent can be had from NPU as we obtain fullerinformation from the various organisers.Archive TapesMost of the Tion 6 l reel-to-reel recordings have nowbeen put onto cassette tapes. They are being indexedA listing of players, tunes and dates of recordingsshall appear with the next ssue of An Piobaire inApril. Members may then have copies on completionof the declaration on copyright.Ennis MaterialA complete listing of Samus Ennis material on com-mercial recordings is being made, as a preliminarystep towards the notation and publication of Ennispiping tunes. ihe records/tapes are as follows:Fidhlim Tonn Ris Castle (Claddogh CCI 9)The Fox Chase (Tara TA 1009)The Pure Drop (Tara IA 100?)The Wandering Minstrel (Topic I 2TS2 )0)Seoda Ceoil 2 (Gael-Linn CEFO22)Drones & the Chanters (Claddagh CCII)Ceol Scealta & Anihrin (Gaei-Linn CEF 009)S amus Ennis (Leader LEA 2003)#0 years of Irish piping (I ree reed F [ 4R 00 -2)Ace & deuce of piping (3azz Collector JE I - I 505)Samus Ennis (cass) (Skylark SKIOOI)Bonny bunch of Roses (Topic TLE 1013)The Morning Brush (cass) (Folktracks FSA45--374)Music at the Gate (cass) (Folktracks FSA-60-079)Rocking the Cradle (cass)(Folktracks FSA-45-I 69)The Sanius Ennis Story (RTE MCI I S - cass X 2)If you can add to this listing of commercialmaterial, please let us know without delay.Dan ODowd, P iping workshop, WUSSPeter Laban)7988 (PhotoTionl & 1989 Events
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42

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