Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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1 Afl piobxirneDUNMORE EASTThe Willie ClancySummer School compressedinto a brief weekend bestdescribes the piping seminarheld in the Haven Hotel,Dunmore East on 23/25 Sept-ember last. Organised byMartin Quigley, RegionalArts Officer, South-EastRegional Development Organ-isation, in collaboration withPaddy Glackin, TraditionalMusic Officer of the ArtsCouncil, the seminar provided an intensive course inreedmaking and acquiringtunes and techniques for theseventeen pipers who attend-ed from \Vaterford and neigh-bouring counties.Finbarr Furey with DaveySpillane conducted a daylong reedmaking class butwith the dedication of afirstaid team in an emerg-ency treated ailing chanters,drones and regulatorsthroughout the whole week-end. Tunes were analysedand assembled again in thepiping classes directed byTommy Carney and JimmyO Brien Moran who in aninteresting innovation exch-anged classes for the varjous sessions. Donncha 6Maidin gave an illustratedtalk, directed at beginners,on the chordal system of theregulators and showed howthe various wrist chordscould be related to thechanter notes. Two nightsof piping in the congenialatmosphere of the hotelmade the occasion a memor-able one for all present. Theonthe-spot attention byMartin Quigley and his antic-ipation of requirementsensured the smooth runningof the seminar and contri-buted greatly to its effect-iveness.The inevitable verdictwas that the seminar shouldbe made an annual eventand already similar gather-ings are being planned forsomewhere in West Cork andat a later date some venuein Kerry.The Dunmore East eventshows the immense benefitsthat can be obtained fromthe judicious expenditure ofcomparatively trifling sumsof money. The organisationon an annual basis of, say,five such schools in theSpring and Autumn at Cork,Kerry, Galway, the mid-lands and Louth for examplewould impart a great impet-us to piping. Confidenceand enthusiasm would beengendered among learners,standards of playing raisedand the know-how of caringand tuning the instrumentdisseminated. No doubt theNorthern Arts Council couldbe persuaded to sponsorsimilar seminars in thenorth. The Willie ClancySummer School in Miltown-Malbay could cap all theseregional gatherings in themid - Summer.THE OCTOBER MEETINGA break-down in a dupli-cating machine and in themachinery for communicat-ing with members resultedin many members receivingno more than a day ortwos notice of the Octobermeeting. Apologies areoffered to those membersaffected for the annoyanceand upset caused. Perhapsit might be a good idea todecide on the date of thismeeting at the Tionl. Itwould avoid such mishaps infuture; it would certainlysave a great deal of moneyon postage.Keen disappointment wasexpressed at the first anniv-ersary of Samus Ennissdeath being allowed to passunnoticed and the Councilwas directed to take stepswith other interested bodiesto have his great labour fornative music commemoratedin a fitting manner on anational basis. The newswas welcomed that the not-ation of Touheys music byPat Mitchell and JackieSmall was nearing compl-etion and the launching ofthis unique work would takeplace during the SummerSchool next July in Miltown.Publication is being madepossible by a grant fromthe Arts Council.IYSRAITH 11 U IMH 18/19SAMHAIN 1983
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18

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