Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 10, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 10, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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411 pioThMiteSRAIT}I 2 UIMHIR 10 ME ITHEAMH 1981Each years Tionl eclipses its predecessor. This years was bigger thanever. This expansion has its drawbacks. The intrusion of outsiderswhich plagued us this year is one which cannot be permitted to recur.The recording session conducted by Torn Munnelly at the tionoil resultsin a most valuable addition to the NPU sound archives and this had tobe abandoned this year because of the noise created by intruders. [ hemanagement is being pressed to ensure that the areas of the hotelreserved for the 1ionol arc kept free of intniders and only membersbearing badges will have access to them. We can ourselves make sure ofnot having to suffer a repeat performance of a member making anexhibition of himself.Keen disappointment was felt atthe absence through illness ofSeamas Ennis. The marathonsession of piping with whichSeamas favours the lionOl wassadly missed by the many forwhom it is the highlight of theweekend. He is now fully recoveredand is looking forward to attend-ing theWillieClancy Summer SchooLWith the completion of thereconstruction work on the base-ment of 15 Henrietta Street theway is now open for holdingmusic and dancing sessions there.House rules for conducting suchsocial activities were agreedunanimously at the Autumn meet-ing of the TionOl and twobasic rules adopted may be set outsimply and clearly For the guidanceof members:All activitLes are to be ended sothat the premises may he clii sed at11 p.m.; arid no intoxicating drinkmay be brought onto the premisesduring such activities.General directives relating to theuse of the premises were adoptedat the Tionol. Only the uilleannpipes may be played on occasionswhich may be described as official,that is, while activities arc proceed-ing which relate directly to theaims of NPU. Bodhrans are out,accordingly, at the Autumn meet-ing; fiddles are not welcome at theTionl. On other occasions what-ever instrument suits may be played.This non-exclusive approach wasfurther evidenced by the decisiontaken without clissen t at theTionOI that the Council have lullauthority to mccl requests fromother bodies and persons for theuse of the premises for meetingsand other events. The house rulesreferred to above would of course,apply to such functions.The decision taken at the Tionlto raise the annual suhscrip tion to5 was overdue. The former rateof 2.50 scarcely met the cost ofprinting and posting An Piobaire.If you are in arrears vi th yoursubscription or have not yet paidthis v cars do so now. Wi th in landpostage at 1 Sp and overseas at I 8 pthe cost of circularising membersabout their su bscri p ti ens is aheavy drain on res o lirc es.Two works wh ch have come toI i and must be briefly inc n tionedh crc, Na Piohairi no. 1 and a drafttutor for the pipes, both publishedby Na PIobairi, Association desSo nneu rs (IC Gil leann Pipes deFrance. The first contains articleson staccato and legato playing, anassessment of Paddy Keenansstyle and two tunes arranged forthe pipes 4th regulator accomp-ament, the Eagles Whistle andCuddle me, Cuddy, a slip jigmore usually called Mad Mull inIreland. The tutor as veil as thecustomary p rd iini nary run downon musical notation includes di rec-ti ons on adjusting the chanterreed, the methods of rolling andcrann in g are treated at length andtheir occurrences in selected tunesindicated. Th crc is 110 doubt aboutl e standard the S onncn rs have setthemselves. The lii al piece on thetutor is t he Bucks of Oranmo i-c,with roiling, popping am d cran I I ingindicated ii lul l.PIPING QUESTIONNAIRE:Members are requested, if theyhave not already done so, tocomplete the questionnaire onpiping circulated by Toms6 Canainn, and return it to him atUniversity College, Cork. Fonnswill be available at the WillieClancy -Summer School wherethey may be completed on thespot and kft at the exhibitioncentre for transmission to theCollege.CEOL AN PHIOBAIRE, a reprint qf thetunes which appeared in the first thirty-four numbers of this bulletin is nowavailable. Edited by Terry Moylan whowas also the music copyist, the volumecontains 83 tunes including transcrip-tions from recordings of Patsy Touhey(13), Barney Delaney(1),DinnyDelaney(3), Willie Clancy (19), Johnny andFelix Doran (6}, to name only deceasedpipers. The collection is noteworthy inthat it contains four pieces, the FoxChase from Seamus Ennis, Gol m m mBanSan Ar (Mid Cumba 0 Suilleabhain),The Humour of C m and Nora Criona(both froth Willie Clancy). The costincluding postage is 225 (Ireland amidBritain), 2.50 elsewhere (surface mail).The cover is by Sid Bluett.4 -- - - Y- CCEOL AN PHIOBAIRE -. 1-(S
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 10

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