Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 2

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 2
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
periodical Editor
Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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INA FIOBAIRI UTLLEANN (1)AN FIOBAIREljinih . 1 Marta 1969Cothram an ama seo anuraidh seadh reachtaileadh i mBaile anBhiataigh, i gco.na Mi an chead tionol pio1 aireachta a bhi arianihann, Tujlleadh is 1eithc tead piobaire a thainic le oheile ann isbaineadh an oiread aoibhneasa is pleisiuir as an oireachtas se isgur cinneadh dao ghuth cumann do phiobairi a bhunu ar ait narnbonn. Thug Leo Rowsome, Seamas MacMathuna (Loch gCarman) agusSean Reid sintuls fial don chumann og sea. Leagadh amach dreachtrialacha agus treis a bple is a gcioradh ag cruinniu i mBaiie MhaCliath mi Dheireadh Fonihair saolaiodh. Na Piobairi Ui11eaniToghadh Combairle le gnaithe an chumainn a riaradh arb iad sea nabaill:Cathaoir leach : Breandan BreathnachRuna : Brian VallelyCisteoir : Domhnall 0 DudaG nathbhai1l F. Mitchell, F. Maloney,J.F. McLaughlin, S. ReidNi ag sanntu suntais na dha bpoibliu fein a bhi an Chonthairleax feadh na bliana ata caite, ach ag obair go ciun c easta lecuspoiri N .F.U . a chur gcrich. Ta teangmhail deanta le ceannaithecana sa Spainn agus Malta le cana feiliunach a Thail le haghaidhridearma agus cuilleamia. Ta ceathar conthalta ag deananih tonscrudu ar scalai an tseamsura agus ta an bunabhar do stairsheanchasna bpiopai is na bpiobairi dha chruinneail. La ar bith feasta anoisbeidh muid ag fuagairt go bhfuil ceannaras da gcuid fein againn agu.s,ar ndo, ta an iris s o ar fail. Ni ma gconai naina gcolla a bhian Chomhairle mar s ar feadh na chead bliana. lldar niisfligh, agustogeail croi a bhfuil deanta godti sea. Leide dhuinn frcistn a axan gceann ar aghaidh a dhea ifar sa mbliain aba ronthainn amachThe eve of the second assembly of pipers is an opportune ime toassess the work of the year now concluding and the prospectsfotheyear ahead. The spontaneous acceptance last year of Sean Reidsproposal that the pipers before leaving Bettystown should form anorganisation and the adoption later in Dublin of a set of rules whichensured that N.FJJ. should be directed by pipers for pipers auguredwell for the future of the new society.The Council in its first year of office applied itself to res-olving the more pressing needs of its members, the acquisition of, aheadquarters, establishing sources of supply fox materials requiredfor servicing their instruments. It hopes to be able shortly toannounce the achiovement of its first objective and already contacthas been established with dealers in Spain and Malta who can supplycane suitable for reeds and guills.Objectives demanding more sustained efforts and time ,haventbeen avoided. One which we are sure will be welcomed by all membersand in which all can do their part is the compilation of a history ofthe pipes and pipers. This is elaborated on elsewhere in the bulletin.A small group, too, has initiated a study to determine scientifically thevarious intervals on the chanter and it hopesto ondlud p eliminaryrecordings during the current assembly. An archive of piping has beenestablished and considerable progress made in forming a collection ofportraits and photographs of pipers. =Here it is fitting to acknowledge our gratitude to Fat McNulty(Glasgow) for an album of photographs and a tape recording of speech andmusic conthemorative of last years assembly which he has presented tothe society.Toconclude, may we extend to all pipers a hearty w lOome to the, second annual assembly. May we remind the younger pipers that here 8 anopportunity to acquire new tunes and techniques. They need have no hes-itation in making the most of it. The.openness which was a feature Of thefirst assembly will be even more in evidence at the second.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 1

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