Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 10

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 10
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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18195. Galliards and songs by Dowland and Holburne.6. Four volumes for lute. (A collection by Dow-land, two parts vocal.)7. Tractatus de Musica.8. Mystical Tract.On examining the four volumes of lute music, I found the music to be written on asingle stave of six lines. Notes are represented by letters on the lines and spaces, andtheir length by symhols above the staff. The music consists of pavanes, gaffiards,marches, and ayres, composed principally by Dowland and Holbume. I herewithgive some of the titles of the syres. My heart is surely soft, Go fro my window,go, Bonny sweets boy. The date of the lute volumes is 1588.I next took up number 3. Dance tunes and Ayres, and find this to be a MS.of fifty-eight leaves, each page ruled for four lines. The names of John Butler andJohn Mae are written upon the front page. The names of the airs included are asfollows : . , . ,, , ,, ,, 1The King s Delight ; La Oloohe ; The Lully ; l lower SingletonSlip Anchyre; Coranto; Mr. N. Dillon (Kings Delight); The Ole WomansDance; Phil Pouters Rant; Peg a Ramsay; Come kind fellow to yeThe Bar! of Essex last good-night; The merry, merry milk maids; Toll, toll,gentle bell; Saraband (Mr. Ward); Almande (Mr. Lully); Dr. CoimansCoranto; Lambarts Lady; The Trumpet Call; Lamberts Fall ;Hampton Court Ayre; The King Enjoys his Own: The Scottish Warr.Bound with the tunes and aires dated 1562, is this inscription, This bookebelongs to Lyntgen Jacob, dochter, living at The Crown and Heart, in the year of ourLord, 1562. There is a second part to this unique manuscript containing nine liedchenrelating to William of Nassau.For the base Vyiall. This consists of dances by H. Porter, Owen Pauen,P. Bach, J. Dowland, and Collard.Another of the volumes for the lute has the names of patrons, including Sir WalterRawley, Mrs. Anese Harcaut, Sir Philip Sydney, Lord Strang, Sir Robert Sydney.Composers figuring in this folio are Byrd, Marchant, Jo Johnson, Dowland, Ferrabose,Fr. Cuttinge, Kempe, R. Alison, A. Holburne, Askew, Mr. Pilkington, Porter, Renalds,Orlando Lassus, &c.In looking over these dance books of ancient days, I am struck by names occur-ring over and over again, such as Heartsease, which is sometimes entitled Shake-speares tune, Go from my window, go; The Kings delight; Green sleeves;Carnians whistle; Sellingers Rounde; Callinoe (The Hunt is up, noted ascomposed by R. Alison); The new Hunt is up, by Jo. Johnson; Green garters;The Jewe i Dance; The French Moor; are all dances of a merry nature.My object in going through this collection was to unearth Irish aires and Irishcomposers, and I think I have found a goodly number. Doctor Grattan Flood hasgiven us a list of names in his History of Irish music, and alludes to CallinoeCasturame, as one of the songs mentioned in Shak3speares As you like it.Callinoe, Dr. Flood states, was printed in 1584, and was arranged by D. Byrd forthe Queens Harpe Book.Peg & Ramsay, also mentioned in the Lute Folio, is (Dr. Grattan Floodstates) included in Win. Ballets Lute Book, and Shakespeare makes Sir Toby call,,. .Malvolio a Peg a Ramsay, in Twelfth Night.Essex last good-night is another theme included in these MSS. of 1566. Ithas all the well-known characteristics of the Irish Caoine.John Dowland, Dr. Grattan Flood states, was of Irish orign. I noticed severaltunes by Dowland, such as, The Complaint, Farewell, Galliards, and Lach-rimae. Dr. Flood tells us that Queen Elisabeth danced to Dowlands FrogGalliard, in her sixtieth year. These dance tunes and old songs, in some cases owetheir origin to Irishmen living under the sway of powerful Queen Bess, who loveddancing mightily and also the sound of the Irish Harp. The name of her harper, bythe way, was Cormac MacDermot. C. MILLIGAN Fox.From catalogue under the word Musick, University Library, Cambridge 😀 cl. 5. 20. For the Bass Vyall(about 1620).Dcl. 5. 21. Recorder Part.Dd. 5. 78. Exercise Book.Pd. 2. 11. Dowland (about 1600).Dd. 3. 18. Similar,Qd. 4. 23. (About 1610.)1. A hook containing mass.2. For the Base Vyiall.3. Dance tunes and ayres.4. Exercise Book.Pd. 6. 48.Nn. 6. 36. Dowland, &c.(related to Pd. 2. 11).Nn. 6. 46. A Mass Book(XV. Century).3056. Late Music.4435. Two Fragments.F
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13

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