Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 4

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 4


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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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7Rules of fle Iris h 3 oJk Song Society.1.The Society shall be entitled Tha fl s FoLN SONG Sociwry.2.The Objects of the Society are (a) the collection and preservation of the traditionalmusic of Ireland, and the publication in a Journal of such specimens as may be deemed advisable;(b) the dissemination of useful information on thi and relative subjects by means of the SocietysJournal; (c) the promotion and encouragement, by whatever means may appear desirable, ofthe practice and culture of the national Folk Music of Ireland.3.The membership of the Society is open to all interested in the subject of Folk Song.4.The Officers of the Society are a President, Vice-Presidents, an Honorary Secretary,and an Honorary Financial business of the Society shall be managed by a Committee consisting of twelvemembers who shall be elected annually, and form definite sub-Committees as follows ;Executive, Entertainment, and Publication. The Committee shall have power to co-opt notmore than three additional members, and to fill up vacancies which may occur in their body inthe course of the year, provided that the persons proposed to be added are nominated at onemeeting of the Committee, and unanimously elected at the next meeting, a weeks notice of theelection of new members being given. Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum.Not more than three of the members who are not of Irish nationality shall serve on the Com-mittee.6.The Committee shall have power to make by-laws, to arrange for lectures and meet.ings, and to take other steps for carrying out the objects or guarding the interests of the Society,provided always that the General Rules be not contravened, The Committee shall, for the above-mentioned purposes, be at liberty to dispose of the funds of the above Society. The election ofVice.Presidents, of Members and Hon, Members, the filling of vacancies in the auditorship, andall matters relating to the business of the Society, shall be in the hands of the Committee.7.Members upon their election Bhall be required to remit their subscriptions to theFinancial Secretary within one month from date of election.8,The Annual Subscription to the Society shall be Five Shillings, payable in advance onthe 1st of January of each year. The ubrcription for Life Members shall be Five Guineas.The names of mcmbers who are more than twelve months in arrear with their subscriptions,and to whom three notifications requesting payment have been sent, shall be removed from thebooks of the Society.9.Members desiring to resign their membership must give notice of such intention, inwriting, to the Hon. Secretary fourteen days before the end of the year, falling which, they becomeliable for their subscriptions for the following year. Members who leave the Society or whosenames have been removed from its hooks, shall not be entitled to have their subscriptions orany part of them returned.10.The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January, on a day appointed by theCommittee, a weeks notice being given to each member. At this Meeting a Committee forthe ensuing year shall be elected, and a Report and Balance Sheet, showing the position of theSociety on the previous 31st December, shall be submitted. At this Meeting, two members ofthe Society who are not members of the Committee, shall be elected as Auditors of the accountsof the Society for the ensuing year. Six members of the Society shall form a quorum.11.The election of the Committee shall be conducted by show of hands. No person shallbe eligible for nomination, and no member shall be capable of voting, nominating or seconding,whose subscription for the current year has not been paid. In event of there not being morecandidates than vacancies there will be no election, those nominated being declared elected, andif there be a less number of candidates than vacancies, the candidates will, as before, be declaredelected, the remaining vacancies being filled up by the new Committee.12.The Hon. Secretary may summon a Committee Meeting at any time on stating inwriting the reason therefor. Four members of the Committee may also convene a similarMeeting, adopting a similar procedure. Notices of such Meetings shall be sent to each memberof the Committee, at least eight days previous to the Meeting.13.The Hon. Secretary shall be required, on the representation in writing of twelvemembers, to summon an Extraordinary General Meeting, notice of such Meeting to be postedto each member at least eight days previous to the date of the Meeting; the business to beconsidered being stated on this notice in the form of resolutions by one member, and secondedby another, and no other business, except amendments to the above, shall be entertained at theMeeting. The Committee may summon an Extraordinary General Meeting without requisition,notice being given as above. Six members of the Society shall form a quorum.14.The General Rules of the Society shall not be altered in any way except by an Extra-ordinary General Meeting, or at the Annual General Meeting. the amendments to be consideredbeing stated on the notice in the form of a resolution, as per Rule 13.1g.The Honorary Secretary shall keep Minutes of all Meetings in a book provided forthe purpose, such Minutes to be read at the following similar Meeting, and, if approved, signedby the Chairman.16.A Chairman shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting by a majority of votes.His decision on points of order shall be final.17.The name or address of the Society shall not be used on the title page of any book,or in connection with any circular, or other publication, save such as have the sanction, givenby resolution, of the Committee.18.In order that this Society may in all respects conform with the provision of theStatute 6 and 7 Victoria, chap. 88, the funds of the Society shall at all times be devoted to thepurposes for which it was instituted, and no dividend, gift, divigi qn, or bonus in money shall atany time be made unto, or between, any of the members.F
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13

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