Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 21

Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 21


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Hodges & Smith, Dublin, 1840
periodical Editor
Edward Bunting
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Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland
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ANCiENT MUSIC OF IRELAND. 15in all their diatonic intervals; yet let even an indifferent ear catch the strain of any one ofthem, whether performed by the best orchestra or by the meanest street musician, and itwill at once feel thrilled by this searching tone of the emphatic Major Sixth, and in thattouching and tingling sensation will recognize the proper voice of the Land of Song.The Irish school of music is, therefore, not a school of omissions anti affected deficiencies,drawing its examples from the tones of a barbarian bagpipe, but a school of sweet and perfectharmony, proper to a harp of many strings, and suited in its intricate and florid character tocultivated ears and civilized assemblies.We now proceed to illustrate the peculiar use and application of their grand characteristicin two of our native airs, the first defective in the fourth and seventh, the second perfect inall its intervals, yet both equally marked by the recurrence of the emphatic Major Sixth,which in the subjoined examples is indicated by an asterisk. O oe S1H OeN re SiN. What is that to him.Fourth and seventh on /i/ ,4 - --- >- . .i Iii I; .:::::: . .trr r i i, rrir-r-i--j- r_p441 - i ai -.- ---,. l----I--.___.___. I -.. 1 -_& I I, - -II I I IFIII1I-- - WIci ...iW -J I - -.III I --II =L lTr 1iL rc1 nc i-:I r>). t t U rrL.j I fl rTt 1 d -t 1! ir t1 TUlIr I- . I - , - I I.Ir--- -I-- I .. -I_--,---1-l . t 1 - i- 1- L r r r r r - r r TcctrLlN r1 ?eaL.*, cLc 4? J i l-& I Tf IP tLLIJ .fl tr J 1 Zt ttLtr t rI_.__. ;II HF I J- - -i-.It. I I I I F-- - I E- -l-I.II I ---- -4 -- - II _I _J l-t.!fr i -I- -- -----.--..-Lively.r IA little quick. I if i TyrreL Hoting fourth and seventh. (__\-- ! - -
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Edward Bunting
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Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland

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