Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44, Page 24

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44, Page 24
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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24On January 3rd, our friend and fellowmusician, Peter Schröer passed awayfollowing a long illness. Peter wasfor many years the director of a school ofclassical music, and played various recordersand whistles, bassoon and cembalo. He washowever always open to all genres of musicand was completely smitten by traditionalIrish music when he dis-covered it 25 years ago. This love extended partic-ularly to the UilleannPipes which became hischosen instrument. In thelast 20 years the pipeswere rarely far from hisside as he developed hisplaying and learned howto maintain his belovedRobbie Hughes andAndreas Rogge sets.There wasn’t a day passedin which he didn’t havehis pipes out to either playa tune on or just to exam-ine them. Not only wasPeter a great musician,but he was also a warmand caring man whosepatience was infinite. Itwas indeed these attributes that endeared himas a wonderful teacher of the Uilleann Pipes. The German Uilleann Pipes Society (DUPG)was formed in 1989 and Peter was a memberfrom shortly after it’s foundation. He was alsothe heart of the band “Greenish Blue”, writingmost of their arrangements and planning theirprogram. His fellow band members calledhim boss, though he didn’t see himself assuch. Rehearsals with the group always fin-ished the way they started – with humour andgood spirit. It was clear by the turnout offriends and musicians at Peter’s funeral howmuch he was loved and respected. Fellowband musicians, pupils and DUPG memberswere there to pay their last respects. PipersJohannes Schiefner and Christian Tietjeplayed “Táimse im’ Choladh” and “FannyPower” respectively. Peter’s family, particu-larly his wife Ursel,were very moved andappreciative of this. Thepriest spoke of andpraised the open, liberaland inspiring way of lifethat Peter led. After thefuneral the crowd gath-ered for coffee and itwas then that many sto-ries of Peter’s life wereimparted. This naturallyevolved into the playingof Peter’s favouritetunes, somehow givingeverybody a lift and thefeeling that their friendwas still amongst them. It was generally felt thatPeter would have beenvery happy with hisfarewell gathering. TheDUPG have given the family a tree whichwill be planted at Peter’s grave. As it growsit will remind his family and friends howgrateful we are to have known him. Itsgrowth will also symbolise the continuousdevelopment and flourishing of the seedsPeter himself planted amid the German tradscene. We will miss him dearly. Go ndéana Diamaith dhó.Jens Kommnick~ Peter Schröer ~Peter SchröerHartmut Springer
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44

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