Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44, Page 4

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44, Page 4
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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great players and this will be of great interestto novice and accomplished pipers alike.Piper’s Choice will undoubtedly prove to bean invaluable learning and archival resourcewhich will be appreciated by pipers both herein Ireland and abroad. Staying with overseaspipers, it has been a pleasure for us to be ableto support piping and reed-making classes incountries such as Canada, America, Australiaand Britain. In the areas of administration andmanagement we have, among other things,appointed a permanent CEO, initiated a goodgovernance review and implemented a childprotection policy. We fully intend to build onthe success of 2007 in the coming year and, asever, we welcome any suggestions or com-ments that members might have which wouldimprove any aspect of our work.I would ask all members to look at the NPUcalendar of events for the coming year andencourage you to attend as many of these aspossible. This year is very significant in thatit is the fortieth anniversary of the founding ofthe organisation and plans for the forty-firstannual Tionól in May are well advanced withdetails of what promises to be a great eventposted on our website.Robbie Hannan4– continued from page 3Donations received in the past coupleof months include the score and arecording of Robinson McClellan’snew composition Flight of the Earls, a con-certo for Uilleann Pipes, and, from BrianVallely, The Flight of the Earls/Turas nadTaoiseach, the catalogue-cum-programmepublished to accompany an exhibition ofBrian’s paintings and a commemorative con-cert in Belfast last Autumn.Purchases included Bagpipes and Tunings byTheodor H. Podnos, and Curt Sachs’ Historyof Musical Instruments, and at auction weacquired Douglas Hyde’s Religious Songs ofConnacht as well as a bundle of first editionsof Scottish music collections, including thoseof Shepherd, Gow, Lowe and Fraser.Among previously unknown images of pipersacquired was “The Irish Piper” (illustratedacross), which was discovered in the N.L.I.Na Píobairí Uilleann has reciprocal arrange-ments with several other piping and musicalbodies to exchange publications. Complete ornear-complete runs of many of these publica-tions are available to members in our library.Publications received include the following:The Pipers’ Review / Iris na bPíobairí – Magazineof the Irish Pipers’ Club, Seattle. Vol XXVINo 4, Autumn 2007The Folk Music Journal – Journal of the VaughanWilliams Memorial Library, Volume 9 number 32008Piping Today – Magazine of the National PipingCentre, Glasgow. Issues 30/31Sing Out! – Quarterly Journal of the Sing Out!Corporation, Vol. 51 no. 4, Winter 2008English Dance & Song – Magazine of the EnglishFolk Dance & Song Society, Winter 2007The Journal of Music in Ireland – Vol. 7 no. 6,Nov/Dec 2007 / Vol. 8 no. 1, Jan/Feb 2008 Common Stock – Journal of the Lowland andBorder Pipers’ Society, Vol 22 no. 2,December 2007Chanter – Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Winter2007~ Donations & acquisitions ~
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 44

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