Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 15

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 15


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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Píobaire, An
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ed were very impressed with the standard offacilities now available to us. The AGM was marked with a general feelingof satisfaction at the progress made by NPUin the past year, and high hopes for the com-ing one. The outgoing Board were more orless returned, with the exception of PatMitchell, who decided to step down this year.,and the election of new members Seán Potts,Seán Óg Potts, Tommy Keane and JohannesSchiefner, the last two being elected to theBoard for the first time. At a Board meeting inJune, Robbie Hannan, Noel Pocock andPatricia Logan were elected to the positionsof Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.Students were very satisfied with the pipingand reedmaking classes, and a large atten-dance thoroughly enjoyed Jimmy O’Brien-Moran’s sharing of his research into the lifeand music of the Galway piper PaddyConneely.After that it was time to re-group and repair toLiberty Hall, the venue for the Ace & Deuceconcert. This was a remarkable presentationof traditional music and song, with a leaningtowards the pipes, smoothly presented byBrian Vallely. It was remarkable not least forthe fact that there was not a single accompa-nying instrument to be seen, and, to say theleast, the music clearly was not diminished bytheir absence. A light moment occurred whenRobbie Hannan succeeded in demolishing theonstage sound set-up. Professional that he is,he laughed off the incident, the mikes werequickly re-arranged, and he delivered a bril-liant set of performances. Liberty Hall facili-tated us by providing a late venue, which wasavailed of by many, and during which PiperBrightman was saluted in the usual way.After a late breakfast at Henrietta Street thefollowing morning, the Pipers Chair wasthrown open, moderated by Mattie JoeShéamuis Ó Fatharta. Many players availedof the opportunity to play, including JohnDuignan, who charmed the audience with hisown poem “An Evening At The Pipers Club”,reproduced on the left.In the mid-afternoon, things were windingdown and it was time to move to Hughes’s forthe final act, which is where we came in. Thiswas chaired by piper and singer Éamon ÓBróithe who contributed several songs andairs himself. I was was hugely amused byMick Coyne’s advice to a couple who shareda song: “That was great lads. Ye should fill avan with diesel and go on the road”. It waslike that all weekend – good music and goodhumour.Terry Moylan15An Evening At The Pipers ClubJohn Duignan – May 2007It is a Dark Wet December nightAs I make my way to the pipingOn wind chilled streetsCold Rain trickling down my collar neckExhaust fumes choking the night airHard faced strangers bustling by;I feel alone and lost in this alien cityPassing home through these same streets,The music still pulsing in my veinsI see the twinkling in the old man’s eyeSmell delightful aromas from The NewWorld RestaurantsNote how the sky’s deep purple leacheslight from the landscapeFeel the warmth of the rain carressing mycheeksHear joyous traffic Jazz against the back-beat of the riverWhat key unlocked this Beauty?The sound older than these streetsRicher than goldThe sound of the piper– Embrace it.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41

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