Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 14

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 14
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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14~ Tionól 2007 ~By the time it got to the stage of a dueton “When the cock crows, it is day”,with Nollaig Mac Cárthaigh on thepipes and Antaine Ó Faracháin on chickennoises, the weekend and the tionól was near-ly over and everyone (I think includingNollaig) was too satisfied with the precedingthree days of events to be too disturbed by thesacrilege. This occurred during the final eventof the tionól – the Airs & Songs session inMichael Hughes’ establishment in ChanceryStreet, which has been for over twenty years awelcoming house for traditional musicians. I left soon after this poultry exhibition, andafter several hours of winding down from thehigher-octane performances of the weekendin the more laid-back territory of songs andairs. It appears that I left too early, for Imissed the ultimate act in what had been amost entertaining few days. This was the sightof a young piper, who shall be nameless, play-ing a march while parading around the pubwith the pipes over his shoulder. Lack ofsleep will cause this sort of thing.The previous two days had been a very suc-cessful blend of high and low-profile events.The weekend got off to an auspicious startwith the launch of Pat Mitchell’s book TheDance Music of Séamus Ennis, and EliotGrasso’s CD Up Against the Flatirons,launched by, respectively, Néillidh Mulliganand Robbie Hannan. There were performanc-es by Liam O’Flynn, who also spoke aboutEnnis, and by Eliot himself. The launcheswere very well attended and both publicationsreceived a great welcome.The launches were followed by a recital byfour young pipers, Timmy Doyle, BanbaFitzgerald, Niall Lyons and Eoin ÓConghaile, all of whom impressed with theirplaying. Pipers were then able to ‘tackle up’,and informal music was the order of the night.The Saturday always features the more formalparts of the tionól, including the AnnualGeneral Meeting and elections, classes andlectures. This was the first year that we havebeen able to hold the annual meeting in ourown premises, and the members who attend-Noel Pocock and Gay Mc Keon playing after the concert in Liberty HallTerry Moylan
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41

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