Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 9

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41, Page 9
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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9The lads I was helping to meet PaddyMoloney finally managed to have afew tunes with him. It was “no way in” bycontacting the promoter so I spoke to a girlwho works in the Embassy and she got theAmbassador to write a letter to PaddyMoloney, who told the promoter to let thelads come in for a bit of a session after aconcert.I wasn’t there myself but they gave Paddythe certificate for being the honorary chair-man of the Tokyo Uilleann Piper’s Societyand some business cards which he seemedto like. That’s the scéal.Tak TamuraDown the Back LaneChulrua (Tim Britton, pipes, PaddyO’Brien (box) and Pat Egan (guitar)(Shanachie 22001)rial which includes four songs performed byPat Egan. There is one pipes solo, the air“Dark Loch na Gar”.1 Slip jig: I’m the boy for bewitchingthem/The man who’ll never be able/The night before Larry was stretched2 Reel: Paddy Taylor’s; Micho Russell’s/The Bloom of Youth3 Song: A Day in Sligo4 Jig: Neary’s Jig/Fasten the Leggings/Jackie Roche’s Favorite5 Song/Reel: Lough Melvin’s Shore/TomBawn’s Reel6 Hornpipe: The First of May/AnBuachaill Dreoite7 Harp tune/March: Lament for TerenceMcDonagh/March of the Jacobites8 Song: Farewell to the Gold9 Air/Hornpipe: The Poor WayfaringStranger/Crossing the Cumberlands10 Air: Dark Loch na Gar11 Jig: An Gaoth Aniar Aneas/Down theBack Lane/At Home in the Kitchen12 Air/Song: Lament for Captain HenryO’Kane/The Drover13 Harp tune/March/Hop jig/Reels: PlanxtyMaguire/The March of the O’Sullivans/Tommy Hunt’s/The Sligo Rambler/Sailing into Walpole’s MarshTim Britton recently donated to NPUcopies of his pipes tutors and record-ings. Among the latter was this record-ing by his band Chulrua, published in 2003but hitherto un-noticed here.It consists of mainly ensemble playing fromTim and his fellow musicians Paddy O’Brienand Pat Egan, with a varied selection of mate-~ Paddy Moloney honoured in Japan ~
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 41

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