Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 22, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 22, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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1 Afl pio1JAW eUL\IH IR 22IR ISH DANCESPipers are sometimes accus-ed of being unable to playat the correct tempo fordancing. An opportunitynow exists for memberswho are able to get toHenrietta Street regularlyto acquire the rhythm andpace to be able to rejectsuch charges. Three mem-bers of Na PiobairI Uilleann,Terry Moylan, Jerry 0Reilly and Ted Colgan,under the influence of JoeODonovans class at theWillie Clancy Summer School.have conducted a class inset-dancing at HenriettaStreet for the past twoyears. Hopes that theDublin membership of NaPiobairi Uilleann would getinvolved in this activity andlearn the essentials ofrhythm from the dancersviewpoint were disappointed.The attendance so far hasbeen almost exclusively fromoutside the membership.These classes recommencein mid-September and mem-bers are welcome to attendeither to learn the dancesor to play for the dancing.As a result of a needfelt in the class for amanual for use in teachingthe dances Terry Moylanhas put together a handbookfor the sets, comprising theinstructions for ten setscollected from differentparts of the country to-gether with sections on themusic and the steps, and anintroduction and diagrams.The preface was written byBreandn Breathnach. En-titled Irish Dances, it waslaunched this July at theWillie Clancy SummerSchool. This is the secondyear in succession that abook on this subject by amember of Na PiobairiUilleann has been launchedthere - last year it was theturn of Breandn Breath-nachs Dancing in Ireland.Since publication IrishDances has received agood reception. Publicationof the book was undertakenby Na Piobairi Uilleannin the hope that the moneyinvested would yield aprofit that could be ploughedback into the restorationwork on the headquartersbuilding, and this hopeappears to have been wellfounded. Sales in MiltownMalbay in July, and by wordof mouth since then, beforethe publicising of the bookat all, have all but recoupedthe cost of publishing it,and the association standsto realise an appreciableprofit. So far as is known,this is the first ever workdevoted to this type ofdancing. It is gratifyingto find that the supplyingof the undoubted need forsuch a work should be metwith financial success aswell as critical approval.Copies of the book maybe obtained from The Sec-retary, for ir3,75, postfree in Ireland.HALF-YEARLY MEETINGThis is scheduled for Satur-day 20 October at 8.00 p,m.MEAN FOMHAIR 1984in 15 Henrietta Street Thepremises will be open onFriday night the 19th andmembers are expected tocome along and play. Therewill be a meeting of theteachers from the WillieClancy Summer School onSaturday at 2.30 p.m. toreview the 1984 school andsuggest improvements for1985. Following the meetingat 8.00 p.m. music shal!continue, no doubt until theearly hours of Sundaymorning. Members and onefriend only please - theevent is not open to thegeneral public - and pipesonly, no other instruments.TOM KEARNEYPIPING TIONOLThis will take place inDunmore East, Co. Water-ford on the weekend 28 29& 30 September. Theteachers will be FinbarFurey, Tom Kearney andJimmy OBrien-Moran and afull programme is arranged.Last years event was anoutstanding success and thisyear is promising to beeven better. A limitednumber of places are avail-able for the gathering.The fee, inclusive of tuitionaccommodation and mealsis 35, and full details areavailable from the organiserMartin Quigley,South Eastern RegionalDevelopment Organisation,industrial Estate.Waterford. Tel: (051)74446fl 1m2a r ,
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 22

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