Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 6

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 6
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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tickets. Such pipes, if orderedNOW, will, I guarantee, be ofthe very finest workmanshipand desigi and of the sweetest,most fuilsome tOne: the wholeset will be packable in a boxonly 27 x 7 x 8 inches, com-plete with superbly designedbellows, stop-key, keyed chanter,Cafeteria facilities are avail-able for breakfast and eveningmeal.Breakfast from 8 10 am;Evening meal from 6 - 8 pm.The hostel is closed only from11 am to 5 pm. There is allnight admittance and no pro-hibition on the playing of music.A right diagonal from French-mans Lane puts one at TalbotStreet, which continuing asHenry Street and Mary Streetforms a T turn with Capel Street(at Slatterys pub); a right turnthere and the first street on theleft is Henrietta Street in all,about 20 minutes walk.nicke lplated, ebony and ivory a de luxe set at only A$3000(Stg 2000). This is extremelygood value for a set which willautomatically become part ofIrelands heritage ! Order NOWfrom Geoff and Joan Wooff,Chapple Vale Roadside Delivery,Gellibrand, Victoria 3239, Aus-tralia, or phone him any timeof day or night (allowing 8hours time-difference) at 052.383274! Code ex-London is01061. The secret of Geoffsphenomenal skill is that he wasonce a designer of naval bombsand guns at Woolwich Dockyard.My own Bb set, which I orderedfrom him in Australia in 1981and collected on my secondvisit in 1982, is in ebony andsilver with four regulators andhas ven me an enormous ad-vantage in interpreting the music.At last I have found somethingthat is bigger than me! 1 stronglyurge anyone who wants a perfectset to write (or telephone!) nowto Geoff Wooff, whose work hasbeen endorsed by every pipe-maker who has seen it, and whowill deliver your new set per-sonaily to you in your ownhome I2. Luis Medirwho now runsthe businesssince hisfather c retiral.GEOFF WOOFFNow, musical-instrument making is murder,It can drive a man to insanitys borderDrilling a full set of pipes to order.To give you a clue to the size of the taskTheres forty-eight pieces of ivory tuskFitted to my pipes, just so! can busk.These silver mountings that add to my funTotal one hundred and seventy-one,Work as exquisite as a naval gun.Fifteen battens of the blackest ebonyWere turned by Geoff Wooff to the sweetest of honey,Every inch of my pipes has been worth the money.Heres a cover of green that is velvet and darkOver a leather bag with a very long neck,And a rosewood cup and a boxwood stockWhich is tapered and hollowed to mellow the guillsOf the elder-drones with a pun that thrills,And incidentally adds to my bills.M I made by Geoff, now deprived of his work,Without my pipes in the Australian outbackHe wishes hed the money to buy them back !Ronnie WathenThe renowned Australian pipe-maker GEOFF WOOFF, Ronniewrites, plans to visit England andIreland with his family duringSeptember, October and Novem-ber 1983. But, after the mannerof pipemakers, he is poor. Heneeds to sell one or more full-sets of Rb pipes to cover theACCOMMODATIONWHERE IT ALL STARTSA. c iC t )oCUC0taVisiting pipers to Dublin onlimited budgets may find theirneeds met at I.S.A.A.C. (In-ternational Student Accom/Ac-tivity Centre), a 200 bed student!youth hostel at FrenchmansLane beside the Custom Flouse.Charges for dorniitory accommo-dation are: 2.50 with sleepingbag, 3.00 without sleeping bag.Room Accommodation (in-cluding breakfast) for twosharing 11.50, for four 22.00and six 33.00. It is advisableto book for rooms. Booking isunnecessary for dormitory.Cane nooks at Francisco MedirsFabrica at Pa/ams.6
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17

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