Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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MORE PIPING 7SsThere has been a good response from members to the request for additions to the preliminary listing ofuilleann pipe 78s in the last issue of An FIobaire.Jim Brophy provided three records hitherto unkown:WILLIAM N. ANDREWS, DUBLIN. Beka, Germany . 41270-71. Erin-go-bragh, selection of Irish melodies. no- 2;Erin-go.bragh, selection of Irish melodies - - no.PHILIP MARTIN, Regal-Zonophone, freland, IZ 711. Hornpipes: The green castle, Quarrelsome piper,Harvest home; Reels: The cup of tea, The flogging ree]LIAM WALSH, WATERFORD. HMV. England, B 1903. LTornpipes: Dunphys, The woods of Kilkenny; Reels:The green mountain, Rakish PaddyRonan Browne was the first, but not the last, to point out that the Gael-Linn piping 78s had not been included. -A case of not seeing the wood for the trees. They arc:WILLIE CLANCY, CLARE. Gael-Linn, Dublin, CE 12. Air, Na Connerys. Reverse has Diarrnttid 0 Flaitheartaigh,singer.DO. GaeI-Linn, Dublin, CE 14. Reels: An tsean-sceach, R Il Mhici l UI Cheithearnaigh [ The old bush, MichaelCarneys reel]. Reverse has Sean at, Dhonncha, singer.DO. GaeI-Linn, Dublin, CE 18: Hornpipes: Ma Luirg, Rogha UI Ghallchobhair [ The plains of Boyle, Gallaghersfancyj. Reverse has Seosamh 0 hEana4 singer.TOMMY RECK, DUBLIN. Gad-Lion, Dublin, CE 2. Reels: Gait bhideach, R u Mhic Leoid, Girrseachai Fhearmai[ Bonnie Kate, McLeods reel, The Ferinoy lasses] - Reverse has Seosamh b hEariai singer.DO. GaeI-Linn, Dublin, C L 3. Harp tune: Comhsheinm Uf Chearbhallin [ Carolans concerto]. Reverse has Seosamho hEanai singer.Jack ie Small sent in an American Columbia catalogue which givesJOSEPH SULLIVAN and WILLIAM McCORMICK, USA, bagpipes and violin duet. Columbia, USA, 33192.F. Reels:The merry blacksmith, Fair Athenry; Touhys favourite hornpipeRobert Van Dyk supplied a great amount of additional detail (including reissue information) on the records alreadynoted, and some new listings:WILLIAM N. ANDREWS, DUBLIN. Parlophone, England, E3575. Reel: Maid behind the bar; Reels: Jennyswedding,Jennie tie the bonnetJAMES ENNIS, DUBLIN. As member of the FINGAL IRlO. Regal-Zonophone, Eng land, MR 386. March:Battle ofClontarf; Hornpipes: Sean.bhean bhocht [ Poor old woman], Dancer at the fair. Also on Regal-Zonophone, Ireland,AZ 195.TOM ENNIS, NEW YORK. Emerson, USA, 10394. Jigs: Walshs favorite, Butchers march; Reels: Eileen Curran,Five mile chase, anon.DO. Pathe, USA, 021090. Medley of reels; Medley ofjigs. Also on Perfect, USA, 11162, and Silvertonc, USA,1270.DO. Pathe, USA, 20402. Medley of reels; Medley ofjigs. Possibly the same as previous.FLANAGAN BROTHERS, USA. Columbia, USA, 33397-F. The tunes we like to play on Paddys Day; InternationalechoesLEO ROWSOME, DUBLIN. Various Rex, England records by Rowsome seem to be English and Irish Deeca reissues.The records are Rex, England, 15024, 15026.7, 15043-6, and 15048.In addition I have come on another record by MARTIN BEIRNE, USA: OKeh, USA, 84185. Jigs: The lark in themorning, Paudeen ORafferty; Air: Bonnie Mary of Argyle.A line was lost in the printing of the March listing: THOMAS GAROGHAN, LONDON. It should be inserted in itsalphabetical place and immediately before the Zonophone, England, 12899 item.If other members have records not yet listed, or any other information, please write to me at Henrietta Street.Nicholas Carolan3
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17

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