Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13, Page 7

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13, Page 7
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(100)7BOLG AN TSOLATHAJRAN PIOBAIREAbove is the title of the new journal which will be read once a month in future before themembers of CUMANN NA bPIOBAIRI (Pipers Club) lb Nth. Frederick St., Dublin.AN PIOBAIRE will be devoted to Irish music in general, to the Pipes in particular. Need-less to say articles in Irish will be a feature. The first number will be ready on Friday,July 5th, 1901. It is intended to transcribe articles from old journals such as The DublinPenny Journal which are now difficult to obtain. All references to Pipes and Pipers fromthe earliest times to the present day will be collected and read for the information ofmembers. The first number contains a song in Irish entitled Ceol an Phiobaire, writtendown by Mr. J.J. Lloyd, (Editor, Gaelic Journal). A brief account of work done inpast month will also be read.You are cordially invited to attend. EAMONN CEANNTHon. Sec.The above notice announcing the new magazine of the Dublin Pipers Club was sent tomembers by postcard sometime in 1901. Six numbers appeared over that and the followingyear. Pride of place was given in the first number to a poem by Patrick Archer ( MacFine Gall) entitled Heres a health to the piper, God bless him. No copy of themagazine appears to have survived.U II II II 11111111 II I I IBhi dareag is piobaire annBefore the First World War each hotel in Blackrock, Dundalk, had its own dance halland pipers were engaged to provide the music. George McCarthy, piper, played at theBoyview Hotel then. ONeill writes that McCarthy came from Cavan and had spentsome time as a p4spit of Billy Taylor. He died in the workhouse at Ardee in 1908.OMeally acquired his Taylor pipes for 20. ONeill misplaces Blackrock in Co. Dublin.John Greenan, who came from near Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, was a travelling piperand used play in homes and schoolhouses about forty years ago.Padraig 0 Conchubhair (Dundalk).$$$$$$$$$$AMERICAN PIPERS .There are some surprising omissions in the list of UilleannPipers in the United States of America, up to 1971. With the exception of P. Morran(with whom I have had much correspondence) I have had the pleasure of meeting thesepipers. They are as followsPatrick Morran, 629, West 170th St.,New York City : Eammon La Poirite, 132 AshlandAve., Des Plaines, Illinois ; Joe Shannon, 2619 N.Mobile, Chicago, IllinoisDave Page, 3720 N. Janssen Ave., Chicago, Illinois. Pat McNulty (Glasgow).** * * *** ** *A CHAILLEACH DO MHARAIS ME .A version of this jig from the playing of Willie Clancy appeared in An Piobaire(Nos.8&9).Some words (a verse and a half) noted by Liom de Noraidh in Baile Mhuirne are givenhere. It is described as amhrainin do leanbh, a song for children,but otherconnotations are scarcely hidden in these linesAnonn s anall, is thrid an abhainn,A chailleach do mharais me, a chailleach do mharais me,Soir is siar, is frid an sliabh,A chailleach do mharais me, a chailleach do mharais me.Trid an saol is trid an bhfraochA gheobhajnn dem bhaitin ort, a gheobhainn dem bhaitin ort.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13

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