Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 7

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 7
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(69)was previously occupied by Timothy McKenna (1837-1841) and Anne Kenna (1837)? musicalinstrument makers who may have been related to the great pipe maker, the eider Kenna, whocame from Mullingar and was working in Dublin around 1767. His son was making pipes inDublin around 1830. The old pipers were enthusiastic about a Kenna chanter and Crottydrones.Ryan, Dublin around 1800. There is a set of his in the National Museum.Other makers were McDermott & Reid, London; Veldon, Athboy (1806); Jordan, Liverpool;Benson, Aungier Street, Dublin; Patrick Nally, Dublin; White, Athenry. Pipe makersliving at the beginning of this century includedWilliam Rowsome, 18 Armstrong Street, Dublin; A.L. 0 Mealy, 17 Edinburgh Street,BelfastM.J. Anderson, New York; John Henebry (Portlaw) and William Dillon, 1 John DillonStreet, Dublin.Scottish pipe makers who also made Irish pipes were Hugh Robertson (1725-.1802), DonaldMcDonald (1806-41), and Thomas Glen (182766).PIPERS IN AMERICA FROM 1800 TO 1971S. O 1 C.7Anderson , MikeBurke, EddieBurke, Thos. F.Browne, Patk.Beirne, MartinBusby, Thos.Beatty, K.Carney, MikeCompton, J.T.Crowley, Ed.Connors, JohnCahill, JamesCrowley, TomCavanaugh, HughieCrawford, TomCoyne, TomCoyle, JohnConroy, AndyConnolly, MatDrew, ConDuffy, JohnDelaney, BarneyEnnis, JohnEnns, TomEagan, JohnEarly, JohnFlynn, JohnFlynn, MartinFinley, John A.Frain, OwenFitzpatrick, PaddyFitzpatrick, TomGallagher, Chas. 0.Gallagher, MikeGrady, MartinGibblin, Ptk.Henneberry, MartinHanafin, BillHanafin, MikeHenry, KevinHoar, MikeHennelly, Ptk.Kerrigan, Thos.Logan, Ed.Liriehan, P.J.Meagher, W.F.Mullen, TonyMurphy, BartlyMullaney, PaddyMurphy, Ptk.McLaughlin, My lesMcCormick, W. M.McNerney, MikeMcAuliffe, W.C.McDonough, MikeMcLoughlin, JimmyMcGowan, JohnMcConnell, FrankOMeara, JohnO FIaherty, JohnO DonneiI, JimmyO NoIan, ShaunO 1 Leary, Ptk.OGara, JamesO!Neill, Ptk.OSullivan, DanRyan, JamesRyan, W.J.Scan Ion, DanSullivan, Ptk.Standeven, TomTouhey, James (Patsy s father)Touhey, PatsyTouhey, Jimmy (Patsys cousin)Tobin, AdamTaylor, BillyMembers are earnestly asked to let the editor have any facts about the pipers included inthe lists above. Particulars already given by 0 Neill in his Irish Ministrels andMusicians need not be repeated.Note; There are only nine of this list still living.1. Busby.Bb b b b iBbb
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8

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