Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(65)3though the ship roPed. He danced solo. He kkked his feet high in the air and met them in mid-air with a smock of h is pc1 rn, and the men sang, to the y a, a sod song, of eav ng C ese andgoing away. ir was the finest dance and the greatest song that ever did hear, Bu when mywoman came back after ha f an hour it was oH over and she didnit beiieve me. TIP S None of ff5 skou d ne confused w,Fh tFe fi m of Zo ha, wHcr s o Greece who DoroyO T GiU is to lre and.Ronnie Wathen.THE FEIS CECIL ASSOCIATIONAt the annuat general meeting in Termonfechin, it was decided thor No Piobaki UWeannshould approach the Feis Ceoil Association with the suggestion thot piping shou d oe reincluded in the annual competitions promoted by that body. Accordingly, we wote to themand made this suggestion. We thought it would be weicomed in view of the fact that the veryfirst object set down in the Association 1 s constitution is to promote the study and cu tivation of Irish music. In fact our first letter, in which we offered to provide adjudicarors,advice, and guidance in the selecrIon of set pieces, at no expense to i he Fes Ceoii Associa-tion, received favourable consideration.In their reply they brought up the problem of the provision of prizes,explaining that theircircumstances did not permit them to provide these. They aiso asked for our detailed viewson the format of the competition. We wrote back again giving details of age groups, setpieces, system of adjudication, and prizes. We had designed a small trophy in the form ofa plaque bearing the pipeplaying pig motif, and had obtained from varous sources quotat-ions of the cost of such trophies. All, again, a no cost to the Eels Ceoll Association.n their next letter o us difficulties began to arise. It was felt that actual Feis Ceoiimedak should be awarded, and that oniy one adjudicator would be necessary. The questionwas asked if the plaques you suggest were to be in perpetuity 1i The plaques,we explained,were indeed intended to become the permanent possessions of their winners, and as they wereto be provided by ourselves, and as we were prepared to provide an award considerab y morevaluable than a simple medai, we decided that the only reason behind their first suggestioncould be a desire for uniformity, a re!uctc.r ce to depart from an established procedure. Thisassumption turned out to be correct, but eventual 1 v if was agreed that both medals andplaques should be awarded; the medals by the Feis CeoH Association (their only expense sofar, apart from the possible expense of including the notice of the competition in theirsyllabus), and the plaques by Na Piobairi UiUeann. We suggested a meeting between thetwo societies, incidenta{iy, in order that we might possibly finish in a night what had nowalready taken three months, but this, for some reason, was not possible.Their final objection was to the number of adjudicators we hod spedfed,i.e. three. Theywanted only one adjudcaror, and wished to nominate him themselves. Again, this objectionstemmed from the fact that they only ever employ one adjudicator in their competitions andthey did not wish to change Our reason (which was neither sought nor volunteered) for wan ting three was in order to avoid favouratism, either of a performer or of a sty e of performance,whkh could occur with a lesser number While we were prepared to leave all questions ofadministration enti!e to their own discretion, we were not prepared to follow the same linein matters directly affecting the instrument and it exponents. As we ae the only body com-petent to decide on the requirements of a competition for players of the uilleann pipes, wefelt that all such decisions ought to be left tO us. The Feis Ceoll Association did not chall-enge this view,but merely reiterated that the Eels Ceoil rnus he consistent.If their policy ever changes, rhey have been in Formed that they can rely upon our supportand assistance, in running a competition for the pipes.1. Moy I an.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8

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