Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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na pibiri uifleaflfl.IAn Pjb ji eV(63)EANAIR 1972UIMH. 8/9Apologies are offered to members for the delay in issuing this number of An Piobaire.Other business which could not be set aside had to be completed before any attemptat assembling the contents could be made. Absence of the bulletin does not indicatethat the Council were inactive. A consignment of ebony was obtained from a supplierin London which enabled us to supply suitable lengths for chanters and drones tomembers wishing to try their hands at pipe making. These lengths are 21 by 1 square or 1 square and may be obtained from the Secretary, (1. Moylan, 60 St.Albans Road, Dublin 8) at 1.30 and 70 p. the length respectively (postage extra).The suppliers have notified us that they have discovered their price was grosslyuneconomic and unless another supplier can be found at the present prices we arefaced with an increase of over 50% on our next consignment. At a Council meetingrecently it was decided to arrange for a class in wood turning, confined to six memberswho would recoup the remuneration of the instructor. A second class can be arrangedif intending pupils warrant it.In accordance with the decision of the October meeting a booking has been madewith the Irish Countrywomens Association for holding the Tionol 1972 at Termonfechinduring the weekend Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May. The Council would welcomesuggestions from members on the organ isation and conduct of this event. A suggestionfrom Pat McNulty that a gathering for members in Britain should be arranged wasunder discussion and it was decided to arrange to hold a weekend in London l7th/19th March next. Members wishing to participate are asked to notify the Secretaryof their intention immediately. Pat McNulty in consultation with the other membersin Britain is planning the programme of events.Our premises at 44 Parnell Square have been in use some time, since the Octobermeeting in fact, but the same few faces turn up each week. Proceedings of theweek are set out hereunder to show you what s happening and the scope for furtheractivities:-Monday : Nothing as yet. Tuesday : Piping classes for beginners. Wednesday :Piping. Thursday : Nothing as yet. Friday : Irish language classes. Saturdayand Sunday : Nothing as yet.A night is to be allocated to the woodturning class. Attention in the languageclass is chiefly directed to the learning of the words of songs from recordedversions by traditional singers, and of colloquial speech. Activities start usuallyaround 8 p.m. and conc ude at 10.30p.m. approximately. Members holdingkeys areBreandan Breathnach, Chairman (882784)1. Moylan, Secretary (780958)B. Gallagher (341244)P. Mitchell,Site 56, Canices Estate, Coolock.D. ODowd (337811)any of whom may be asked by members from the country to arrange for specialopenings.Membership fees, etc. may be forwarded to the Secretary who is acting cashierto Sean Reid, Treasurer.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 8

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