Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 4

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 4
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(35)to inform the branch that they were satisfied to submit Mr. Marky to the judgment of any competentmusician (17.X.02). Shortly afterwards a complaint was received from Maynooth College that Mr.Marky had not given entire satisfaction when he had played there. His pipes were old anddefective, his playing a mere parody of piping and the effect on the students who had heard himwas very bad. The Hon. Secretary was directed to reply to the effect that Mr. Marky s instrumentwas bad but had been made worse immediately before playing by the meddlesomeness of somebusibody (1O.Xl.02). The question of having Morkyus pipes overhauled at the cost of the clubwas considered some months later (16.2.03) but it was not until the following June thatauthority was given to have them repaired (3.Vl. 03),The various entries covering the preparations for holding c i concert make very interestingreading. The first decision taken was to ask Martin Reilly, his fee to be 2 in addition torecoupment of expenses and rail fare. Mr. Geraghty of Kilmesscin was to be invited and asked toname his fee. The Colmcille Branch of the Gaelic League were asked to supply a fourhand reel.Mr. Cassidy undertook to see about a certain veteran harper whose whereabouts he had discovered 0Failing him, Owen Lloyd was to be asked to play free. (This he offered to do if in town at the time).The street fiddler, Fitzgerald, was also o be engaged, if in town (16 .lX. and 17.X,03). MissBergin was to be asked to sing to her own harp accompaniment; Mr. T. Currin to one on thepipes, Cathal McGarvey was to recite (10.Xl. 02), The Hon. Sec. was directed to see if MissMay Reidy would play a selection on the cello and several club members agreed to hunt for TomFitzgerald, the street fiddler, before the next meeting (1.Xll,02) , Tickets were priced 6d,1/ and a few reserved at 2/= (17.Xl ,02) . Martin Reilly was to be boarded at MacMahons, 95Talbot Street, the pkino to be obtained from Cranes and the refreshments handed over to the ladies(8.12.02). A report an this concert which appeared in the Freemans Journal is reproduced onpage 5 hereunder.Less exciting matters decided were the admittance of some country pipers to membership:Patrick McCormick (Ardee), William MacTigue, N. Marky, Tom Brady, Stephen Rainey,Newman (Athboy) and Thomas Galvin (New Zealand) (17,Xl.02); Marky was to be paidimmediately on completion of the last nights tuition each month (1 .Xll.02); ladies were to beaccepted as members at a reduced annual subscription of 2/6, at which meeting also arrangementswere made to have a photograph taken of Martin Reilly in Galway (23. l.03). Several copies ofthis photo were ordered at a subsequent meeting (16 II 03) That meeting also decided to meetthe cost of cane to Piper McDonagh (Galway) and the fitting of heads to staples forwarded toGearty (sic.) of K i I messan.At the first meeting in May 1903 Mr. E.T. Kent was elected Hon. Sec. aid Proinsias NiBhraonain as Hon. Treasurer and thereafter the minutes appeared regularly in Irish. Cectintreferred to the Martin Reilly and the Oireachtas affair from which it appeared that theOireachtas committee sought to engage Reilly at a fee of five guineas although the club hadstipulated a fee at 10 guineas. DennyDelaney demanded as a condition of his competing at theOireachtas that he should be refunded his expenses if he failed to win a prize. This demand wasrejected but it was decided that an amount of 2 should be allocated from the funds for the mostneedy piper (4 V 03) Delaney had somebody write on his behalf expressing his dissatisfactionat the result of the pipes competition but the Secretary refused to have anything at all to do withthe complaint(18.V.03). Cecinnt apparently knew his man as Delaney appeared to be given tocomplaining as will be seen from The Challenge reproduced on page 5 hereunder 0 GeorgeMcCarthy (Ardee) was compelled to write asking what happened the prize he had won Thegrants to pipers at the Oireachtas comprised D, Delaney 10,/ , Edward St. John 10/,P. McCormack 5/ and Pat Ward 4,/, These minutes concluded with a reference to theviolinist v. fiddler at the Oireachtas where it seems the adjudicator divided the prize betweena violinist and a fiddler. The Secretary was directed to complain about the decision and to pointout that the consequence of such adjudication must be to discourage traditional players (18 .V .03),A press cuttings book was directed to be kept (3.Vl.03) and among other new membersadmitted were Edward Marfyn and Padraig Breathnach (29,V .03) .Bhi a Ian cainte faoi cuairte Riogh Shasana ar Eirinn agus mas fior, beidh piobairi annag cur fearradh na failte roimhi (3.Vl .03).To avoid, apparently, the more impecunious of the pipers being tempted to play at anyofficial welcome to the English king it was decided that the club should hold a seilg (or outing)to Howth on the appointed day. The Tramway Company quoted ci price of 2 for 54 passengersand the Secretary was directed to book a car and make an advance payment equivalent to the farefor twenty persons. The company however,refused to allocate a special car for the party and theseilg was on that account postponed. contd.,, ,4
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4

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