Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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( : 34)This subject was still under discussion two years later when preparations were being made forholding during the Oireachtas in Dublin a conference at which representatives would attend from theChicago, London, Cork, Limerick and Dublin clubs 0 (20. IV . 03) . The Dublin club decided to movethe following proposals at the conference:1. That quotations be obtained from Messrs. Rowsome & Menly for making chanters;2, Resident teachers of piping should be appointed to each branch;3 The name of the general body of pipers, if such should be formed, to be Cumann na bPiobairi ;4. The appointment of a Central Executive should be favoured;5. The objects of the general body be confined to pipes, pipe music and Irish dancing.More practical work was involved in the preparations for the Leinster Feis. Martin Reilly,the blind Gaiway piper, was to be brought up for the event, promises being given by certainmembers to defray the cost involved. The club also undertook to meet the expenses of the followingpipers:John Goulding, Kflbeggan, Westmeath.Melia Brothers (2), Ballinacarriga, Westmeath.McCarthy, Ardee,The following were invited to compete:John Cash, Wicklow; Pat McDonagh, Spanish Parade, Galway and McCarthy,Ballybunion, Co. Kerr > . (8 1 1 O l)Later it was decided to meet the expenses involved in keeping Reilly for a week in town andto refund the railway fare in full to McDonagh . It was also decided to invite all pipers to theOireachtos and to pay the railway fare where such did not exceed 6/ (29. IIl. Ol) . Subsequentlya decision was taken to expend all the resources of the club, to be supplemented by a collection, sothat no piper would go unrewarded for his trouble in coming to Dublin for the Oireachtas (17 .V.Ol).A proposal to acquire a phonograph was discussed at several meetings. Subscriptions weresought and guarantees given by Cecwint, Tom Rowsome, J,V. Lawless, P. McDonagh, Bill Andrews,Harrison and Seamus og MacAonghusa (2.V. 02) . Ceannt who appears to have been the moving spiritbehind the proposal reported the following week that a good phonograph capable of recording andreproducing music could be obtained for six guineas. Blank cylinders cost 1/ and 5/ depending onon size but only one type of machine costing six guineas would take the larger size (9.V. 02). TheHon. Treasurer was instructed at a later meeting to collect the sums promised for the purpose so thatthe phonograph could be purchased in time to record Martin Reilly when he was brought up to town.It is most unlikely that the phonograph was ever bought. Twelve months later the Treasurer isrecorded as having 2 on hands for the purpose. (4. V. 03). To page 7Notice was received from the Rev. 1. K. Fielding of his intention of visiting the club as arepresentative of the Chicago Irish Music Club. He was asked to let the club have a weeks noticeof his arrival in Dublin so that a reception in his honour could be arranged at the Gresham Hotel.(13, IV. 02). The visiting priest ran into hot water during his sojourn here because of his extra-vagant praise of that great body of Irishmen, the Royal zh Constabulary. The difference betweenthat body and the police force in Chicago was sharply pointed out to him in the press at the time.Another item of interest was the request from OBrien Butler for three pipers to play in Muirgheisan opera which he had composed (16. lX. 02). If my own recollection of a conve rsation with anold member is correct the Keating Branch of the Gaelic League were asked to provide a team ofdancers to perform a dance composed for the occasion, wherein in all probability lies the origin ofthe car muirise aid not as somebody somewhere recently suggested in Morris dancing or the Moorsor some such extravagance.The request made to the club for the services of these pipers stemmed from a rule thatmembers should give notice to the committee prior to any public performance (7. lIl . 02) and thatwhere the club supplied an amateur piper for c i concert the organisers should be required to pay5/= to the club funds (25. IV. 0 )7 This con trol of its members gave rise to a lot of timewastingarguments and involved the club in disputes about the qualify of the services rendered and to theultimate defection of Tom Rowsome and Harrison. The Realtna Mara branch of the GaelicLeague remitted a fee of 10/ for Mr. Marky with on intimation of their dissatisfaction with hisperformance. He was, they declared, unable to play for the reel. The Secretary was instructedcon td.,.3
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4

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