Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 3, Issue 16, Page 7

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 3, Issue 16, Page 7
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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( xii )marchioness and milkmaid. : She was indeed here, there, and everywhere asan organizer, lecturer, speaker, collector. She disappointed the Atlantic,because she came back safe across it after an Irish Folk Song raid into theStates; but unlike Oscar Wilde, she was not disappointed with it. Shethoroughly cnjoyed her journey, and brought back rich spoil from theHudson collection for our Folk Song Journal, which she edited first inconjunction with Mr. Herbert Hughes, and then practically single-handedup till the time of her death. Some might object that she did not polish herliterary and musical periods sufficiently as a speaker, writer, and composer;but that was not in her nature, and it is very doubtful, had she done so,whether she would have produced half the good work she did. But she. hadan undoubted vein of melody and a natural literary gift, and what she hasleft behind in the way of music and writing might be so harmonized andadapted as to give a further pleasure to lovers of music and musicalliterature. -There was a homely spontaneity about her speaking which was sodelightfully disarming that she made friends of the severest critics; indeedshe made friends wherever she went, and her generosity to brother musicians,from whom she never locked up her Folk Song stores, was quite unbounded.If by her go-ahead action she occasionally plunged members of the Committeeinto financial embarrassment by she expenses of a Concert, they always cameup smiling from the temporary submergence. For she not only had awonderful way with her in getting new friends to become members, but ininducing old ones to pay the piper. And if her precipitate proof-readingof literary and musical MSS. occasionally reduced us precisians to despair,her intuition as to where to go for Folk Music, and her Irish knack ofcoaxing it out of the most difficult custodian, made her worth her weight ingold to a Society like ours.Miss Milligan has pointed out to us very plainly what was the dearestobject under heaven to her sisterthe preservation and perpetuation of IrishFolk Music. Surely, then, the best tribute, the highest honour we can payto her memory is to devote our e1ves in her spirit to the collection andpopularizing of that Folk Music which Sir Hubert Parry (our chairmansdistinguished father-in-law) has characterized as probably the most human,most varied, and most poetical in the world.ALFRED PERCEVAL GIIAvEs.qme 1 isk Fo1I &n &dE{2.(FOUNDED 1904.)President:BRIGADIER-GENERAL THE RIGHT HoN. THE EARL OF SHAFTESBURY, K.P., li.C.V.O.OFFICERS FOR 1918.TEAS. JOSEPH BIGGER, M.R.I.A.LORD CASTLETOWN OF UPPER 08 50Ev.Da. W. H. GRATTAN FLooD.ALFRED PEROEVAL GRAvEs, M.A., Dubi.H. PLUNKET GREENR.MRS. A. CHAHBER8 BUNTEN.MISS MAY CoxisMAD.Miss LUCIE JOHNSTONE.Miss CARE MOSELEY.LIEUT. H. C. COLLES, R.F.A., H.A., OxoN.Vice-PresidentsTHE DOWAGER MARCHIONESS o LONDONDEBRY.EDWARD MARTIN.SIR C. V. STANFORD, n.C.R., H.A., 3505. DOG.THE MARCHIONESS OF WATHEFORD.CHARLES WOOD, M.A., 3505. DOG.CommitteeC. COOKE-TAYLOR.MAJOR A. CORBRTT-SMITH, R.F.A., M.A., OxoN.ALFRED PERCEVAL GRAVES, M.A., Dubi.G. OOoNNoli MORRIS.C COOKE-TAYLOR.LIEUT. H. C. COLLIE.NORKaN ONzn.n.Publicatioii Corrtniittee:ALFRED PERCEVAL GRAVES.Miss ELEANOR HULL.D. J. OSULLIvAN, R.N.V.R.MAJOR A. CORBEYT-SMITH.HOD. .FiRanesal Secretary: HO D. Secretary:M13s. HERBERT DRAPER,Tan Lon, Criocieth,N. Wales.OWEN COLYER,Irish Folk Song Society,20 Hanover Square, W.cI
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 3, Issue 16

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