Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 8

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 8
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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14You Muses nine with me combineWith the heart and the kind free will,While I implore your aid once moreThose simple lines to pen.Its all in praise of a love.i.f is gur-r-l,And her equal cant be found;And her dwelling habit-a.tionIt lies near sweet Nenagh town.Says r, Fair maid, if youll agree,And along with me to roam,Ill dress you like a lady gayIn co8-h.l e robes of gold.Ill dress you like a lady gayIn costly robes all round;And Ill comfort you, my darling girl,Far away from sweet Nenagh town.Ah, no I kind sir, the maid replied,I think thats bad adviceTo take me from those by-s-lie grovesThat compares with Paradise.I know Ive been in pover-tie,And yon in high renown,Still, a rambling life will be very choiceAround sweet Nenagh town.If that be so, fair maid, I said,Its away from you Ill go;Ill cross the stormy ocean wideLet Cupid be my foe.Dont a-pologise for pover.tie,Here is one hundred pounds;And Ill pay your way to Amerika,Lovely maid of sweet Nenagh Town.If that be so, kind sir, she said,Its away with you Ill go;Well cross the stormy ocean wide,Where no one will us know.Well hail to Philadelphia,Its a ce of high renown;And well bid farewell to all our friends4nd to foe-s-lie, sweet Nenagh town,To dear Lough Gill, with its isles so grand,We oft times wandered hand in hand,And skipped along its shining sands,So far away from Sligo.In yon deep glen where woodbine creeps,So many hours of sweet content,And from our boats sweet music wentAcross the lakes to Sligo.THE MAID OF NENAGH TOWN.15iJ +-I$1 ! j ni 1 JIIITHE CRUEL LAKE OF WOLFRINN; on, LAMENTFOR WILLIE LEONARD.fl! j 1 ) f j t j jrTjIj j i1 i i J J 1 rflI, !f tJJJJIJTwas early one morning young Willie arose,And up to his comrades bed chamber he goes;Arise, my dear comrade, and let no one know,Tis a fine sunny morning, and a bathing well go,F
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9

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