Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6, Page 11

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6, Page 11


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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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tx4ii au j .,ji 114d-bc18Pu\1 \1 c \ r\\ufl.Vt \UBEAN an fhir ruadhe ( The Red-haired Mans Wife ) is a very well-known Balladof lawless love. A fac-simile of the Irish words is given as our frontispiece. -d i 4 i Z 3 1 Thdl1 f1d Oc( j1rtCcL \fl 4u\\U\&U \\ \ \&\THEBa is no poem with title exactly matching that of the above air except it wouldbe Planxty Brian Mac Diarmuda, noted by Lynch as taken down from HenryBarret. It is the reverse of a Father Matthew song, being full of praise andgratitude for, whiskey punch, good English sugar, wine and brandy, and begii:is inIrish:A Bhrian mhic phiarmnda a chara na saoibheA bhioma na mbocht, na mbainbeabha sna ndileacht.19V%Q \ 4 X \ i, r i r i 1gj:JA rJ.J JiJii i r icTr Ii_JJ. J\J J.J(fJ.J 1 jjJ 1 JJ. 1 JJ.UJ 1 JJ 11This would seem to be the lament of an unfortunate Oonnaughtman, baniihedfrom his native province because of a dispute with his family; or was it that he hadleft home with gold and abundance, but without permission of his parents, andhaving spent all feared to return? It is interesting to note that he counted amongsthis afflictions the difference in the Gaelic speech as spoken by Munsternien; Thevariations of accent and idiom between West and South have been the subject ofcontroversy among Irish scholars of our own day.Mv Connaughtmefl, famous for pleasant sport,For games and chearful feasting,There goes my kiss to you, I let it go on the road,To be carried by the gales of the wind.Often in the day my head is confused,Listening to the noise of MunstermeflAnd the smartest of their breed do not rightly understandMy speech or my accents distinctly.It is a quarter and a week since the time I left home,Full of gold and with clothes in abundance;Alas I without the blessing of father or mother;It is a shameful thing to be done.IIt, S.-I
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6

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