Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7


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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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5Baint ctirnicthe f dlvuilleabha,r na goracThh ditorspreracePna Irish Folk Song Society has been founded to collect all the Unpublishedtraditional airs and ballads of the Irish race, and to print and publish as many aspossible from time to time. This is the first number of a Journal which the Committeehope will be issued quarterly. It is not the object of the Society to harmonise orarrange these airs, but simply to record them as they were found. The membershipis open, and the subscription, for residents in London, is Half-a-guinea per annum,payable every January, which will entitle them to the quarterly publication, and to freeadmission to all lectures and ordinary meetings. To country members, who have notthe same opportunity of attending these meetings, the subscription will be FiveShillings, for which they will receive the Journal as it appears, post free. We would hereimpress on all our members the necessity of obtaining more subscriptions. We have inour possession a considerable number of tunes and ballads which have never appeared inprint, and there are many districts in Ireland where more may be found; but Withoutan increase in membership we cannot hope to continue our Publishing work for long.The Editors will be glad to receive and print any unpublished airs or ballads sentthem, and will welcome articles relating to the folk music and ballad literature of Ireland.It is important that all contributions of airs and ballads should bear the names of thepersons by whom they were sung or played, the locality in which they were heard, ifpossible the date, and any other information relating thereto.C. M. F.H.H. riV.Ic.irP i- i1..1i-n rir . icJ 1.1I I i 9I _ .1 i .Both air and words learned at home in early youth.P.W.J.Pu1fln Sloes wider the ioiia e ot the trees.P. W. JOYCE.TAKEN down more than fifty years ago from the whistling of PaIL GLEESON, of Coolfree,County Limerick. P. W. J.One uenin j aIr. P. w. JoYcE.- - ( - ___--V - - ---- - ._._ &_o__ LOne evening fair as I roved out down by a river side,I heard a lovely maid complainthe tears rolled from her eyes.It was a cold and stormy night these sad words she did sayWhen my love went on the raging sea, bound for Americay!My love he was a fisherman, his age was scarce eighteen,He was a handsome young man as ever yet was seen;My father he has riches great, and OReilly was but poor,And because he was a fisherman he could not him endure.V
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