Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 12

Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 12
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music
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16 Ceol na hEireann Irish Music 17(Note:- see Kennedys obituary which states that he invented a means of research on him over the past few years. I discovered we have both searchedregulating the basses.) Church of Ireland records to no avail and agree that the Presbyterian records arethe next possibility, if indeed these exist for those interesting times. I haveMIChAEL EGAN asked Wilbert Garvin to check out the Presbyterian church in Tanderagee,I have begun trying to collect together all the known information on this master which we now know was built some years before his death. The minister thereof the art. Tracking down the whereabouts of pipes of his make is part of this has promised to look at records and mentioned that he has a William Kennedyquest. I know about 20 so far. Friends in America and Australia have been very in his congregation today. A descendant perhaps!helpful to date, via the internet, and I now request information from friends at it would appear that there are two main stories concerning him. The first wouldhome and abroad who dont use computers. Please write or telephone any seem to be that published by the Belfast Monthly Magazine in 1808 and oninformation you might have for the benefit of all, which my original piece was based. The second seems to have first beenAll details will be offered to An Plobaire for publication, published in the Ulster Gazette in 1894.Ken McLeod, 50 Rowantree Road, Quilly, Dromore, Co Down. BT25 This second story takes us into the realms of folklore. It is a moral tale whichN. Ireland. again shows the high esteem in which Kennedy continued to be held after hedeparted this life.Fax 01846-604141, e-mail Phone 01846-404100(office) and 01846-693 141 (home). There is a third brief account which includes some new information and this isof great interest. I begin with that. It would seem to be accurate in that dates(I have inadvertently also found the whereabouts of two John Egan sets both in agree with the original narrative written in his lifetime.the USA).The Newry Telegraph tells when he died, October 29, 1834. So being born inWILLIAM KENNEDY PIPEMAKER OF TANDERAGEE 1768 gives him a span of about 66 years.Here are a few brief updates on some of the issues raised relating to Kennedy We are very much indebted to Eithne Vallely for supplying me with copies ofand his pipes. documents and permission to use them.1 The Castlewellan set is still there with the owner after all the stories of MENTIONS OF WILLIAM KENNEDY IN PRINTbeing given first to one museum then another.For those of us with an academic interest, the articles about and mentions of2 The set on Belfasts Ormeau Road. I am told by Belfast piper William Kennedy in books, magazines and newspapers - apart from AnCormacBuzz O Briain that the owner has disappeared and so the pipes Plobaire - and collected to date are as follows;seem to be lost again.William Kennedy - Blind Pipe Maker of Tanderagee, from The Belfast3 The set Trevor Stewart got from Sean McAloon had the chanter missing. Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, September - October 1808.The chanter seems to me to be a slightly modified boxwood Egan, by theOn the Acuteness of Blind Persons, from the Newry Magazine, Volume 5,way. The chanter top again modified from the original by Matt Kiernan1815.has a name stamp - Kennedy. So he did stamp at least some of his work.At Robbie Hannans Ulster Folk & Transport Museum Tionl in September A Short Account of William Kennedy, the Famous Blind Mechanic of1996 I discussed Kennedy with Eithne Vallely who has carried out considerable Tanderagee from, A Biography of the Blind, by James Wilson 1821.V
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Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 3

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