Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 8

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 8
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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14154 Do chuardaigh 54 sldibhte gus dubh-chnuic Uibh-LaoghaireGo ndeaghaidh sO go Cjin siar de scathamh,Dubh hoil1 le chOile is an tSeithe ar gach taobh d l,Gus thOg 4 ar an gCaol-Choill cart lesnna.Na Bruine n-a dhOigh sin do chuardaigh go h-OachtachGus ghaibh tn 3 an MOalaigh sian treasna,Cacti plaais agus bOillic is tie Chnoc-na-L4inie,Gus thg s a dhinnar sa Ghleann Gharbh.5 Dimhthigh sO ldithreach go Baile an ChaisledinIs go leis nior stadaigh,Chun Ei c-na-Ceflrdchan do chuardaigh go h-dluinnGus tnid an njBundn go Ceann Mara:Ciii Oarbhdn agus ohun Coili-an-PhdideGus na pluaisreacha td i n-Eisc-an-Chapaili, agus Coiilte Chroebitin,Gus ar Dhoire Bonitin bhI an maidin.6 A thuajrisc I n-aonchor nI bhfuair sO sa mOid sin,Agus tild an Eisc-Caol do ghaibh treasna,Chun Loch-na-mBraon agus Loch Chain-an-bOise,Agus chuardaigh dhe. thaobh Ch*im-na-gCapail.Sios go dti an LOin-Loch agus chun Muilleann LOit.hiAgus chuardaigh n-a dhOigh sin Tigh an Easbuig;SO dubhairt Aigi Eigear, ghlac truagh I den tsOimhfhear,Go raibh s n-a dhOigh i dtre an bhaile.7 Do ghiuais 54 agus fonn air trO Mhaighinis ag pramsaigh.Is nior dhearmhad sO Gleanata na Fleasga,Leastiar den atihainu is chun Faill-an-Deanhain,Is ar fhilieadh db anall Innse-an-Ghleanna.Claedeach gan arnhras is Cnoc-Lioe-Beambaire,Agus Abh-Phojll-an-Qhabhair do ghaibh treasna,Gus ar maidin DO Domhnaigh I dtigh Bhili hountSeadh airigheadh 0 ag meanniaigh fOn leabhaidh.8 Dimhthigh sO litithreach is ghlaoidb an an Sitirsint,Agus thOg sO n-a bhragha 4 go tapaidhGo dt.i Dochttiir Bitlduinn, is 0 sgniobh do bbardntasGo gcuirfi 0 litithreach thar caise.Ar a ghabhftil soir tie Ard-drom do casadh Sir George air,Agus dnmhlaigh don tsitirfhear on uGeata,Do thug feirm na Beitrnan faoi phaiteann go brath do,Acht 0 leogaint chun a mhnd gus a leanbh.1 Weary and worn, troubled and miserable am I,Spiritless now for some time past,Since I beard this lament of Dermo of Barna,And I grieve to tell his story.When our hero came to the Wooden Bridge.He dropped in to the tavern as usual,Calling for quanta and standing drinks round,As lively a toper as Bacohus.2 He was generous and hearty, as local report says,And he stayed there for a while,Till there came a daring ruffian or a streot scavengerWho threw his (Dermots) bag away over a wall.He had a lob of things in his wallet I dont care to mention,But there was in it a lovely, white-faced cab, I understand,Which wouldnt leave a rat in a haystack or a mouse in any building,It is a terrible loss to the (whole) towniand.8 When he caine complaining to me I told the brave manThat it would have to be restored;I immediately called up Stephen (my brother),And off he went at the double,Across the hills to Kinsales fair harbourAnd back through Murragh;In Owlig Wood he was distressed and much tormentedAnd came near being drowned in Oaha ford.4 He searched the mountains and the dark hills of Iveleary,Till he reached as far west as Keimaneigh,Doughill and Shehy on each side of it,And at Kealkil he drank a quart of ale.After that he made a wonderful search of the BreenysAnd went west across the Mealagh,Through every covert and cave, and through Onoc na-L0inie,Till he took his dinner in Glengariff.S Straighbway he went then to Castletownbere,And didnt stop till he reached Cametringane,He made a fine trip to Eiso na.Oei rdchaflAnd through Bonane to Kenmare.Kilgarvan and KilfaddemoreAnd the coverts that abound in Eisc-an-ChaPaill, and the wood of Orohane,And he was at Derrybonane in the morning.6 He found no trace whatever of it so far,And he went across Eisa-Gaol,To Lochna-mBraofl and Loch Oitm an-DiSeAnd searched both sides of Cam-na-goapali.Down to Loch Leane and to Muilleann LithiAnd he searched the Bishops House after that;Aggie Eager took pity on the good man and told hunThat the cab was behind him in the direction of home.7 He went leaping spiritedly through MinishAnd didnt neglect Glenflesk.Beyond the river to FoiladownAnd Inch on the way back.The Clydagh of course and the hill of LaokrourAnd across,And on Sunday morning in Billy Chounts houseIt was heard mewing under the bed.
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20

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