Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 38

Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 38
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periodical Publisher
Hodges & Smith, Dublin, 1840
periodical Editor
Edward Bunting
periodical Title
Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland
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32 ANCIENT MUSIC OF IRELAND.Corn, Com,t Waist, or belly of the harp.Corn lui e, Combh luighe,f Equally stretched.Cop, Cor,t Music pin board.Coponac, Coronach, An elegy for the dead.Cop aTzctn, Cor altan,* Little joints, music.Cop co ata, Cor ccodh1ata, Lulling music.Cop pinn uup, Cor finn fhuar, Music of coo1 shade.Cop o ect l a, Corcloteghlach, Household music.Cop ieaji-ictin, Cor ffineamhain, Vintage music.Cop paipo cti, Cor fairchogaidh, Warlike music.Coprul, Corsidh,* Pacific music. . IA species of bass made by puttingCpctn topncun, Crann dardaion, -. the hands to the mouth.Cpa -a anrn eji, Crathachanmer,t Nimble shake.Cpomcpuitecni, Cromcruitan, Down bending harp.Cponanioetapeanur, Cronaniochdarchanus, Lowest C in the bass.Cpon&n, Cronan, The bass in music.Cpotcd , Crotal, A cymbal.Cpuct ortab1reaer, Cruadhchosthaviseacht, A march.Cpuaoeorctc , Cruadhchosach, Heroic time.Ciiuir, Cruit, A harp.Cpu1r1 , Cruisich, Cool music.Cpuit e , Cruitoge, A small violin.Cpui , Cruith, A crowde, or violin.Cpurnipe, Crutaire, A harper, a musician.Shoe of the strings, the small pieceCpunat et, Crunatted,t of brass on the sound board,( through which the strings pass.Cui ecu , Cuigeach, A fifth.Cu eat, Cuigeath, A dirge.1 A person who plays on a wind in-Crn 1 ectrrnctc, Cuisleannach, strument.Cui lectnnct , Cuisleanagh, A pipe, or piper.CuLcntpir, Culaithris,f Repetition, or relish.Cumct, Cumhach, Sorrowful.Cmi ict, Cumhadh, Lamentation for the dead.D.Ooppect pew , Dofhreaghrach,f Answering, an octave.Out 6 , Dudog, A hunting horn, war trumpet.O maipe, Dudaire, A trumpet.
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Edward Bunting
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Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland

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